NYC Streets Vote: Ciroc vs EFFEN


As we all know over the years 50 Cent has reigned supreme when it comes to beef. As of late with the emergence of his new liquor Effen Vodka, which was released in 2014. 50 have made Diddy and the Ciroc liquor numero uno on his most hated list.

And after this weekend events, a new target has come to the forefront and he goes by the name of French Montana. French Montana Bronx native, who initially signed with Diddy and Bad boy, took a stand by posting a video in which he throws an entire box of Effen Vodka into the garbage. After a original video surfaced with him shouting out Effen Vodka.

Because of these turn of events the war is on Ciroc vs Effen. Which Vodka is what’s hot in the streets? We took it to NYC to find out. Watch now to see what the people think!

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