Behind The Scenes: Onyx Interview For The AllHipHop Podcast


Sticky Fingaz and Fredro Starr aka Onyx pulled up on The Amazing AllHipHop Podcast with Jigsaw and Slops. The result is a pure classic. Check out the BTS images.

Move back, the Onyx is here, you better back the f##k up!

The Onyx is still here, nearly 30 years after they made their rambunctious, game-changing debut on Def Jam Records in 1992. At that point, the Queens-based group (even though Sticky Fingaz is mainly from BK) was a gritty reminder of these evil streets. And, that continues to this day.

Now a duo, they have a new album out called Onyx Versus Everybody and it is a reminder of exactly how dope they continue to be in 2022. Sticky and Fredro Starr stopped by WonWorld Studios for The Amazing AllHipHop Podcast with Chuck Creekmur aka Jigsaw and Slops. The result is a great conversation where almost all the boxes got checked.

Photos by Elliot Guilbe (ClutchMasterE)

Fredro Starr, Jigsaw, Sticky, Slops at WonWorld Studios
Jigsaw getting ready for Onyx’s arrival
Selfies everywhere.
DJ Boy Wonda is right there every step of the way.
What happened here?
Stay tuned.