Philthy Rich Talks Mozzy Beef, Weed Biz, New Music & Doc…And More!

Philthy Rich

Philty Rich is not going to stop for anybody.

Philty Rich has been one of the most consistent Oakland rappers for the past decade and the pandemic has only highlighted that. With his new album and documentary named Philip Beasley, he discusses what he’s been up to and the business ventures he’s been in during these trying times.

Philthy is no stranger to controversy surviving being shot, and in fact, he’s been in a war of words with fellow cali rapper Mozzy. He’s made a career of being a polarizing figure. This time he’s coming with a bit more clarity as to who he is as person. “Thats why I named it Philip Beasley. I wanted people to know me” he tells Slops of AllHipHop in an exclusive interview.

The Bay native opens up about his hustles outside of rap – from dog breeding to weed strands. Its seems like the young vet has a knack for getting to the bag. Now with this new album and documentary, he looks to take a step back from the music and run the FOD label a little more hands on.