“Power Book II: Ghost” Cast Talk Crooked Cops, Fast Women And Vendettas On New Season

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AllHipHop.com sat with cast members of “Power Book II: Ghost” to get the low down on the upcoming season!

50 Cent has done it again with the next installation of his Power universe, “Power Book II: Ghost.” The hit show returns to Starz on Sunday, November 21st.

Like the previous shows, with “Ghost II,” the Queens native pulls together a web of characters to engage his audience with street tales dusted with icky New York politics, crooked cops, and a whole lot of hanky panky.

AllHipHop.com sat with members of the cast to get the low down on the upcoming season. Writer Nikki Duncan-Smith was able to get up close and personal with the cast, asking them questions about how their characters have grown, why is this story still so intriguing and find out if Tariq will stop getting caught up with girls — so he can get the bread to get his mom out of jail.

Check out the cast as they laugh and hint about the upcoming season, filmed at the tail end of the coronavirus pandemic.

Centralized around James St. Patrick’s son and the unscrupulous life is creating for himself on his college campus, it is abundantly clear is that this upcoming season is about legacy. It is also about the complicated nature of street wisdom, loyalty, and above all, influence.

Viewers will get to see how the trio of Tariq, Effie, and Brayden are essentially the new Ghost, Tommy, and Tasha.

When interviewing these three, they sheepishly grin while complimenting each other. They concur that Brayden is maturing dynamically.

Like most girls in the hood, Effie is brilliant and will showcase how she defies the troupes of the “homegirl in the crew.” They also agree that Tariq is his father’s son.

As he says in his interview, the crooked agent Cooper Saxe is still (as he says in his interview) intensely “creepy,” chasing the St. Patrick family down to fulfill a vendetta that he has deep in his bones.

And to the contrary, Councilman Tate, played by Larenz Tate, is still in angst because the family “keeps getting in his way.”

The Tejada Drug Organization, headed up by Mary J. Blige’s Monet, is strained this season. Generational mistrust, dysfunction, and the presence of an outsider have rocked their unit’s consistency.

There are numerous twists and turns that the audience will enjoy. Moreover, the plot this season is cliff-hanger-ishly complicated.

Exactly how we like your shows, Fif.

Exactly how we like them.