Prodigy of Mobb Deep Has An Epiphany On Voting, President Barack Obama and The U.S.


Last night I had an epiphany. Since a young teenager I’ve studied about the history of american/world , politics, science, human rights, spirituality and diet. I don’t claim to be an expert in any of these fields. i have a 9th grade level education cause I dropped out to pursue my music career, but during my own personal studies I discovered a great deal about the extreme levels of evil, trickery, racism, ignorance and just straight up un-God like thoughts and actions of many people of all races and cultures throughout history. But especially the extreme hatred and mental/physical/spiritual violence that has been perpetuated on black people. I say that cause I’m black and I was raised by a very culturally aware black family who experienced all of this negativity first hand and who were also, by the will of God and their own hard work, able to rise above the negativity and become positive, successful people in their life. so I was constantly reminded of it all. My father’s side of the family being dark-skinned blacks from the south and my mother’s side being very light-skinned half black half caucasian from Ireland. This gave me examples of racism from both sides. My mother’s side was hated on by darker skinned blacks for being lighter with hazel eyes, and my father’s side hated on by whites. In my late teens my studies focused mostly on race in politics and how there were no representatives of my black culture in the long line of American presidents. Not to mention the few to no representatives within the other political seats. All of this made me very angry and rebellious towards the power structure and social structure that we have in this world. yeah, I got trust issues, as any aware human being should. I don’t trust the government and all of its many branches. from the medical industry to FDA, military, banking, etc. serious trust issues. To make a long story as short as possible, I served three years in prison from 2008 to 2011 and during this time the “first” black president was elected. I was happy to see this for a few reasons, but I wasn’t excited as most were. my serious trust issues came in to play like never before. Me “who is this guy” “why did they let this guy” “this gotta be a set up” “more trickery” and so on and so on. and so I began studying the man Barack Obama.  Reading his books. Learning his policies, his beliefs and trying my best to be objective about it all. I didn’t want to just jump on the bandwagon of “he’s black. you’re black. so support him cause you’re black”. At this point in my life I’m so done with racism and that’s just a pure racist way of thinking. I wanna support him for the person he is and how he’s trying to help American’s/the world. Not cause he’s black. my trust issues were getting in the way though and I just refused to see myself fall in line like a lamb to the slaughter. So before I went to prison and since I’ve been home, I’ve been outspoken about my stance of not believing in the political system. I realize now that I was using my power as a celebrity in the wrong way. A few things brought me to this realization. but it was mostly from me sitting up all night on november 5th just thinking about how i can help make a positive difference in the world instead of a negative one. I felt like I was discouraging young voters from voting. And not just any regular voting. President Obama is up for re-election and in my opinion he needs to win. Him being black shouldn’t be the sole reason to vote for him, and in all honesty it’s not. He carries himself with class and speaks with intelligence. But him being black helps begin to erase the racist history of this world and move into a more positive direction for all humans. We need racial equality. I’m not saying President Obama is the end all cure-all, but he is one hell of a start. More importantly is the encouragement that it gives to young non-voters of all races who have serious trust issues like myself, to actually get more involved in politics and the voting process. the presidential election is just one piece of the entire political election puzzle. voting for congressmen/women, assembly men/women, senators, mayors, etc. is equally and even more important cause these are the people who could make a difference in your neighborhood and can also possibly make it to the presidency one day. In closing I just wanna say “No the ‘illuminati’ didn’t or force me to have a change of heart as some may believe.” Lol. Peace