Profiles In Battle Rap: Rum Nitty


“I’m just trying to put on classics,” states battle rap whiz Rum Nitty. Even though Nitty has only been putting in work in the premier battle leagues since 2013, his name is already attached to several fan favorite face-offs including bouts against Danny Meyers, B Magic, Steams, and Arsonal.

The self-described “New Gun Line King” is looking to continue running down a few top tier battlers on the road to becoming one of the culture’s superstars. caught up with Nitty for the latest round of the “Profiles In Battle Rap” series, and the Southwest spitter names the two main veterans currently in his crosshairs.

As the first subject of the “PIBR” installments focusing on the buzzing new battlers, Nitty also gives his battle rap Mt. Rushmore, top 5 emcees dead or alive, and more.

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Phoenix, Arizona

Years Experience

Professionally, about 2 years. I started battling at the end of 2009, but I didn’t get the notoriety until about 2 years ago.

Style Known For (aggression, wordplay, punchlines, freestyle)

The punchlines or the gun lines. I’m pretty known for the gun line s**t.


4th Quarter – Me, KG, Konshis, T2, Hashous Clay, J Bentley, Prophecy. KG and Hash put that together. They got at me as soon as I started battling. This was around 2012 or 2013. They just hit me up and asked me if I wanted to rock with them.


“Kill Yourself”. That actually came from one of the homies. He’s one of those Brotha Lynch, Tech N9ne type of rappers. He’s on that gory, baby killer type s*8t. We did a track called “Kill Yourself,” and I just ran with it. It’s a hate it or love it thing. Some people like it. Some people hate it. I don’t give a f**k. I’m going to keep doing it.

Leagues Competed In

King Of The Dot, Smack, Universal Battle Realm. I started off on Sand Trap which is a local battle league in Arizona. That turned into Grind Time Arizona. We had an Arizona division that was popping for a year or two, but it didn’t last. Right before the KOTD battle, I battled on Bolow TV. That was some local s**t that didn’t last too long. Shout out my n***a Bolow though.

Favorite Battle (Participant)

Me vs Tycoon Tax. That was the first time being in front of a big crowd. That was the first big event I was on.

Favorite Battle (Non-Participant)

I got a lot of them. I like the Lux/Miles joint. I came up on that one. I used to watch that s**t back-to-back. When I used to introduce n***as to battle rap back in the day, that’s the one I would put on.

One Of Your All Time Hottest Lines

Probably the “n-word” line against Tycoon Tax. I said, “Push your grill inward/n-word, now that’s how you censor a n***a.” That’s probably the one fans like the most. That still gets tweeted every now and then.

Your Battle Rap Mount Rushmore

Of course, Lux and Mook. You gotta put Verb up there, and probably Clipse. They keep this s**t alive. They’re like the Mook and Lux of this generation. Hollow too.

There were a lot of n***as that carried the torch after Mook and Lux chilled for a minute. There were a lot of n***as back then too – Serius, Jae Mills. Math is one of them n***as too. He gets slept on a lot.

One Mainstream Rapper You’d Like To Battle

I don’t really have a dream matchup. But something that would benefit the game? Eminem. That will probably never happen.

[If Eminem did return to battle rap] that would be crazy. But who’s gonna pay him? And then who’s not gonna get paid because his check’s so large? N***as’ check be so damn crazy, how are you gonna pay these normal n***as?

If you gotta pay those [mainstream rappers] $100,000, you’re not gonna be able to pay the battlers actually making the card. Because you can’t just have one battle. You gotta have the n***as putting on daily, not just the n***as that come back and make $100,000 and leave. So I think it’s going to be hard for n***as to get paid if you have an Eminem or Cassidy on the card all the time.

Which New Battler Is The Most Serious Threat When They’re On Their A-Game

It’s a lot of dope n***as. Steams is one. Chess, that little n***a is nasty. Prep is nasty too. A lot of the new n***as are killers. T-Top, it’s a lot of these n***as [laughs].

I guess I have to go with Prep, because he has wordplay. Chess has wordplay and aggression, but I think Prep can really outdo a lot of n***as when he’s on his A-game. People sleep on him because of a couple of bad performances, but Prep got bars.

What Two Battlers Would You Most Like To See Face Off

I really want to see Hollow and Clipse. Outside of that, it wouldn’t be any top tier n***as. I f**k with the lower tier. That’s where all the spitters be. To keep it real, I want to see Bigg K and Tay Roc. That’s the top tier one I want to see. On the lower tier, I want to see Prez Mafia and Chess. Both them n***as got hella energy.

Your Battle Rap Hit List

Roc, Surf. You can throw K-Shine on there. You can throw Big T big ass on there. Throw Clipse and DNA on there. All these top tier n***as. But definitely Roc, Surf, and Big T. Surf agreed to battle me. We were just trying to get somebody to set it up.

Like a year and a half ago I said that “gun line king” s**t against Tycoon Tax, and somebody [mentioned] Tay Roc [on Twitter]. Tay responded, “You don’t want it. Give me the little guy talking s**t.” I’m like, “Let’s battle.” He said, “Only on Smack.” I told him, “Okay, I’m gonna see you.” I’m on Smack now, so I’m trying to see that match.

Top 5 Emcees DOA

Pac, Big, Jay, Pun, Ice Cube

Do You Prefer To Participate In A Debatable Battle Or A Clear Victory?

It depends on who I’m battling. I wasn’t mad I had a debatable against Magic. S**t, it’s Magic. To keep it real, I was p##### off about the O Red s**t. I put that on myself though.

What Has Been The Hardest Part Of Succeeding In Battle Rap?

Being consistent and dealing with these damn crazy ass fans [laughs]. You have to block them out sometimes. If you buy into it too much, it’s gonna f**k with you. You’ll always have people say some dumb s**t for no reason.

Even if you have a dope performance, you’re gonna have some dumb s**t said [about you]. You have to learn not to buy into that s**t, and learn how to still f**k with the fans. You can’t just block them out. You ain’t s**t without the fans.

Where Do You See Your Career Five Years From Now?

Hopefully, I’m hosting these motherf**kers, paying these n***as [laughs], bringing the culture to a new height. I do music too. N***as are about to see what the music’s like. Shout out Surf. That n***a’s out there getting it.

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