Queen of The Ring Connects With Smack URL for an Epic Weekend of Co-Ed Battles

On Saturday, October 17, the highly anticipated card Kings vs. Queens proved to be a crash collision between two of the largest forces in battle rap, the Ultimate Rap League and Queen of the Ring.

This weekend for the first time, an epic battle of the sexes took center stage in battle rap. Oh sure, there have been other cards that featured co-ed battles, but never one as epic as this.

On Saturday, October 17, the highly anticipated card Kings vs. Queens proved to be a crash collision between two of the largest forces in battle rap, the Ultimate Rap League and Queen of the Ring. The organizations had a lot riding on this collaboration. The question that was floating in the culture, “Is the world really ready to embrace co-ed sporting on such a high level?” With the world’s socialized bias that asserts that men are automatically better … The concern was real.

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While that might be a concern with physical sports, this is a match of wit and intellect. And fans let it be known that born gender identity has nothing to do with snatching that oh so coveted “W.” In fact, when owners Troy “Smack White” Mitchell and Babs Bunny hopped on the Sway in the Morning show to talk about the historic battle, it was the fan comments that dismissed the notion that gender would determine who would emerge superior.

And Babs, the female emcee who rose to international celebrity as a part of the Bad Boy/MTV curated mega-group Da Band, believed in her squad so much she even challenged fans to put a wager on it — instructing them to go to her DMs to put that bread down on the bet.

The Godfather of Modern Battle Rap didn’t shy away from the smoke either. Instead, in each opportunity to engage the fans, even on their own Wednesday evening show Primetime with Jay Blac, he was a gracious host to the sister league, welcoming them into this particular space of emceeing. He offered them a mat for them to wipe their feet, showed them to their guest room, making the accommodations comfy, and put them up on game: the victory will be hard felt because his roster is the most elite collective of emcees in the world.

GETTING THEM SITUATED WAS THE LEAST THAT HE COULD DO. After all, Caffeine is the house that SMACK built.

QOTR proved to be ready and could care less if people did not believe it. Sometimes, that is the time to watch out and if the guys on the card did not know that before the face-offs truly informed them.

The women won the face-offs (5-2) displaying a level of confidence and security that was not expected. Sure, you thought it was going to be a lot of slick talk. But these chicks came with flames on their lips. Their back and forth and lyrical jousting was the first sign that the weekend was going to be along for those who sleep on the line-up. There were two outstanding performances at the pre-contest stare down: C3 and Tsu Surf.

C3 was bankable as the Queens Get The Money emcee snapped on her opponent Rum Nitty. Nitty remarked about her childhood near-death experience— an attempted suicide that thankful was thwarted by angels that prepared her for such a moment as this. And the freestyle maven quipped back with the energy that no battle rapper ever wants in front of them: “I couldn’t kill myself, so how are you gonna kill me.” He then went to the reality that women across the workforce face, stating that he made more money than she did. Her rebuttal, “Then why are you a bum. Where does the money go? Your colleagues have houses and all you have are gold teeth and bookbags.” He attacked her sexuality since C3 is a proud lesbian and she responded by questioning his— “You should have been with us at Pride!”



There was nothing that Rum could do with C in the face-off.

The best from the guys was Tsu Surf.

Surf poured out the charm that makes him not only a URL favorite but a battle rap sex symbol. There is something about him that makes the women swoon and whatever that potion is … he dosed the world with it. 40 BARRS, his opponent, was already set at the face-off table. Jay Blac was there also. The room was waiting for the “What Changed” rapper to appear. When he did, the game shifted. The last face-off of the night was just appropriate for the heartthrob because the stunt that he pulled no one else could have ever accomplished.


He entered into the space wearing a dress shirt. Not as if he was meeting a woman that might bar his life away, a lady that has made diss tracks about him and lambasted him on every media she could, but as a man ready for a date.

He pulled out a red and white gingham tablecloth, similar to the Lady and the Tramp spaghetti scene, and then placed two glade candles on the table. After setting the lovely table, the prepared cuisine was top-notch chicken head, serving Lunchables with Reese’s Pieces Barefoot wine with no glasses (noting that they could take the drink to the head) and two Capri Suns.

The tough-talking femcee was no longer the mighty woman of battle rap that we have come to know her to be — but a schoolgirl standing in front of her favorite rap star. She blushed, pouted, and sheepishly smiled, stopping short of batting her eyes in front of his massive personality. This secured the guys one clear victory during the face-off.

That was Friday night… Come Saturday, would the tables turn? Not that much. The women matched the men in all attributes: aggression, style, performance, lyrical dexterity, and most of all wit. There were not as many gimmicks as expected, giving evidence that Bab’s slogan is really a declaration that this eight-year journey to respect is finally being met with the recognition that it deserves and finally the people have to “give it up for the ladies.”

Casey Jay and Swamp (Fan Vote: The Lady from Texas with the victory)

Swamp needed to beat Casey Jay and did not. What made this win so important goes beyond her femininity but is locked into a boasting point that purported that he has never lost a battle on URL. Welp, he can’t say that no more! The Bardashian did just what the name suggests: shorty came in and barred his life away. She made the new guy lazy southern drawl, sound like the new guy with stroke-drunk wino … a rapper ill-equipped to tame the Mama Bear … so would really have no chance to rock with his rival Bizzy.

C3 and Rum Nitty (Fan Vote: The EFB Member punches through for the W)

Rum Nitty, one of the greatest punchers in battle rap’s history embodied the spirit of the former welterweight champion Sugar Ray Leonard in his victory over the Queens rapper, C3. But if it can be said that he is as smooth as the former Dr. Pepper champ, Ceilise Craig, his opponent matched him blow for blow just like the Marvelous Marvin Hagler did in their legendary fight back in 1987 billed as the “The Super Fight.”

Jab after jab, these two stellar lyricists were the first evenly balanced battle of the night.


E Hart and K Shine (Fan Vote: Harlem’s hurricane remains triumphant even over the Bronx boxer)

Round for round, K Shine may be the scariest, most talented, and winningest battler in the last four years.  And so, E Hart had a tremendous challenge in front of her when she stepped before the NWX founder.


He came in and did what he has been doing for the longest — zipping his opponents up. In this battle, he was like a wrecking ball smashing over one of the premier voices in battle rap.

Viixen and DNA (Fan Vote: The Assassin left DNA all over her kill)

While it seems that the PG Killer didn’t respect the Midwest fire spitter, he didn’t approach the battle like she was going to be a walk in a park. And that was a good thing. Viixen came to the battle dressed like her name and rapping just as deadly also. She outperformed him and at no time brought the masculine energy usually associated with women in male-dominated sports. She simply finest him with a smile, dangling hair tendrils and comedic bars about her alleged entanglements with former URL talent scout and self-proclaimed architect of battle rap, street star Norbes. It is alleged that she slept with him to get on the URL. However, it is important to note that her dynamic debut was facilitated by hard work and her making her name on the QOTR stage.

Couture and Charlie Clips (Fan Vote: The NPossible emcee wild’d out on his ex)


Stevie J and Eve. Nicki Minaj and Safaree. Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon. Anyone that has been with Jaguar Wright. Erykah Badu and Andre 3000, Common, The D.O.C., and/or Jay Electronica. The Couture and Charlie Clips drag out gets to live in the realm with those epic falling outs that were hmmm a little bitter but still relatively amicable (well, Jag might not fit there). While the freestyle maniac went up against his ex-girlfriend and the battle unpack their long-term relationships with a blended mixture of humor, personals, and weird un-sexual tension.

O’fficial and Arsonal (Fan Vote: Mr. Grape Street pulled out the big guns for this battle) 

Audio engineer and battle rap fan Greg Smith said that this Arsonal is better on the Caffeine stage than anyone who has stepped on it to perform, even better than Daylyt. Whether he is right or wrong, he showed the culture the reason why he has more views on YouTube than any other English speaking battle rapper in history. In his contest against the O’fficial, he proved that she was not gonna just be lyrically tossing him all over the stage like she does many of her opponents (almost all of the other men that she stood before). Instead, he showed up with fire in his belly and fire in his eyes, combined with dope rhymes, performance, disrespect, and a renewed love for the sport. O’fficial did not lose — he just came to the game in his bag with the arsenal that inspired his name.

40 BARRS and Tsu Surf (Fan Vote: The Queen of The Ring remains on the throne)

The headlining battle of the night was between BARRS and Surf, two of the biggest stars of their leagues. 40’s win was sweet as many counted her out from the door. With one of the most elite pens in the game, male or female, she stood in front of the man that charmed her silly the night before and knocked him off his game. Her third round was about his mother, one of the two great loves of his life, and that strategy was not only effective in securing her the victory, but also through her opponent off as he countered with a freestyle in defense of his mom.

Kings vs. Queens is the first official jump off to happen after the unique partnership between the Ultimate Rap League and Queen of The Ring. The merging of these monumental collectives promises to bring the top talent of the culture to stages for free. There, of course, are exceptions to the rule that is when these battles are app exclusives like the two co-ed battles on Born Legacy 9 (the next day after): Yoshi G vs. Bill Collector and Ms. Miami vs. Ill Will.

All battles are now available on the URLtv.tv app.