Rahki Giovanni: ‘I Have The Thickest Legs On Instagram’

Rahki Giovanni

Rahki Giovanni has a pair of amazing thighs – and an even more amazing story. Check this story out!

Meet the queen of quads, the diva of delts, and the empress of empowerment: Rahki Giovanni. This fitness influencer is not your average Instagram model – she’s a powerhouse of positivity and body love that’s taking the world by storm.

With legs so strong they could crush a watermelon like it’s a grape, Rahki is a force to be reckoned with.

But don’t be fooled by her muscular build – she’s all about self-love and body positivity. In fact, this Miami-based maven and mom is on a mission to empower women to embrace their curves, stretch marks, and cellulite and to never let anyone else’s opinion define their self-worth.

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In 2015, Rahki embarked on a quest to level up her mental and physical health game. As a young adult, she was constantly teased for being “too big” and “too muscular,” leaving her feeling self-conscious. Rahki felt the weight of society’s beauty standards bearing down on her, leading to some disordered eating and exercise habits.

But, as she matured and started to explore her love for fitness and weightlifting, Rahki had an epiphany. She realized that her brawny body was nothing to be ashamed of; instead, it was something to be proud of!

“Seven years ago, when I started in the fitness industry, there was no one that looked like me. No one of my culture wanted to be ‘thick and fit’ – everyone chose to be slim, so I decided to break the barriers and change the fitness standard,” she explained.

With newfound confidence, Rahki started hitting the gym like a boss, training every single day for two hours straight. Her workouts became her secret weapon, her body her tool for strength and empowerment.

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As if that weren’t enough, Rahki decided to go all-in, becoming a personal trainer, YouTuber, and influencer with over 766,000 followers on Instagram. She’s the epitome of fitness greatness and an inspiration to anyone who wants to reach for the stars in the fitness world. Forget burning calories. Rahki is all about high-intensity interval training, using higher reps and lighter weights to promote size and growth.

Of course, talking about Rahki without mentioning her incredible leg muscles is impossible. Her followers can’t get enough of her “thickest legs on Instagram,” and her leg day workouts and progress photos are always a hit. But Rahki wants people to remember that she’s more than just a muscular pair of legs – she’s also a mum to a son named Power.

“When I became a mother, my world changed in ways that are hard to describe. Suddenly, I had to take care of another life, watch my child grow and learn, and navigate the challenges that come with motherhood,” said Rahki. “Since having my son, I am constantly learning, not just about what being a mother is all about, but also about myself as a person. One of the most significant things Power has taught me is patience. Before becoming a mother, I never imagined that I would have as much patience as I do now.”

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In addition to learning patience, Rahki has also discovered how parenthood can help cushion the blows life throws you.

“I faced a significant loss when my own mother passed away from Covid-19 in the middle of my pregnancy. But despite this tragic event, I was able to adapt quickly and tap into my innate mother instincts to become the best mother I could be for Power.”

While motherhood has been an incredible journey, Rahki, who looks up to former Miss Olympia 10-time champion Iris Kyle, is quick to admit her physical health did take a turn for the worst during her pregnancy and spiraled even further during the Covid-19 global lockdowns.

After suffering from preeclampsia, pre-diabetes, and high blood pressure, Rahki found herself weighing over 300 pounds. She knew she had to make a change, but with gyms closed because of the pandemic, she couldn’t train as hard as she used to.

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“Training has 85% of everything that I do. Fitness is a huge part of my life and regime, so when I couldn’t train, I became very depressed and anxious. My dress size more than tripled, and I was buying 2XXL clothing,” she recalled. “I couldn’t even do one squat because I was so big, and my legs hurt.”

How, then did she manage to lose the weight and get her body back in shape?

“It was either I fight for my life, or I watch my entire life decline, so I started doing cardio here at my house,” she shared. “I purchased a treadmill during the pandemic and started working out inside of my condo. I started using weights on the balcony, then I hired a personal trainer, doing bench presses, bends over rows, reps of barbell curls, standing barbell curls, high and low incline dumbbell presses, and a lot of other workouts. After dieting for three months and losing my first 20 pounds, I decided to start going back to the gym and then started Pilates classes. Everything took off from there. I am so proud of myself – I’ve lost over 75 pounds!”

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Today Rahki has regained peak condition and can now again run a mile in under six minutes and do 43 deadlifts at 315lbs.

When Rahki isn’t crushing it at the gym, she’s a woman of many talents. She’s a certified personal trainer, fitness model, actress, and business owner. She’s appeared in music videos, commercials, and TV shows, and she’s currently working on launching her own fitness brand.

Despite her accomplishments, Rahki remains humble and grounded, always putting her message of self-love and empowerment first.

She’s a true fitness powerhouse; we can’t wait to see what she’ll accomplish next!

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