Real Sikh Reveals 15 Things Every Rapper Should Know

Real Sikh

Real Sikh is one of the dopest lyricists in the game. He checks in with AllHipHop to talk about 15 things every great rapper should know!

New Jersey’s Real Sikh is the future of the state’s lyrical legacy.

The Garden State is one of the most fertile soils in the world to grow true emcees, pulling from the muddy waters for New York for its grit and the Schuylkill for poetic penmanship. While naming all of the top pens from New Jersey would be exhaustive, some of the top rappers who can boast that this is their native land are Redman, Joe Budden, Queen Latifah, Lauryn Hill, Naughty by Nature, Joe Budden, Tsu Surf, Nu Jerzey Twork and Arsonal da Rebel. Sikh, with his culture as his banner, fits comfortably in this rich tradition.

As a battle rapper, he has done his homework. In each round, he infuses the history of classic Hip-Hop and charged himself to learn the roots of rap. This respect for the craft speaks more about who he is as man, than any of the gifts he has as a rapper.

And he has many …

It is no hyperbole that he is greatest Indian battle rapper to ever touch mic in history.

His meteoric rise on the Ultimate Rap League and his recent win over one of his mentors in the game, Ars, has more than solidify him in the Hip-Hop sport. Now, he has paused from taking people’s heads off in on the stage and linked with journalist writer and beat journalist Kershaw St. Jawnson of to share 15 things that he believes all rappers need to know.