Redman, Method Man, Lord of the Underground and Others Close Lincoln Park Music Festival


The Lincoln Park Music Festival celebrated 10 years of peaceful convening of culture, music and food in the chocolate city of Newark, NJ this past weekend. The affair was a rousing success with three days of gospel, house music and finally Hip-Hop. AllHipHop, once again, hosted a Breeding Ground stage of emerging artists that included Ill Camille, Wordspit, Karega Bailey, Jenjer Ricci, Buggs Da Rocka, Mula Lansky with hosts Chuck “Jigsaw” Creekmur and Valerie Lora. After the Breeding Ground, the festivities continued with Redman, Lords of the Underground, Rah Digga, Black Rob, Mister Cheeks and an an assortment of acts from Newark. The audience was thrilled with Method Man and Erick Sermon showed up to perform their hits.  Check out the pictures from the event below.

Redman commands the crowd in Newark, NJ’s Lincoln Park.
redman method man photo: chuck creekmur

Surprise guest Method Man showed up and shocked the local crowd.

method redman photo: chuck creekmur

The Lords of the Underground rocked their hometown by running through their hits like “Funky Child.”

Lords of the Underground photo: Chuck Creekmur

Lords of the underground photo: chuck creekmur

Rah Digga reppin’ the Bricks!

rah digga photo: chuck creekmur

Redman, Newark’s Major Ras J. Baraka and Lincoln Park Music Festival organizers chop it up backstage.

Redman ras baraka Photo: Chuck Creekmur

Chuck Creekmur Valerie Lora photo Autumn Marie Lincoln Park

Chuck creekmur valerie Lora

Karega Bailey (Washington D.C.) hit the crowd with his special brand of Hip-Hop.

Karega Bailey

Ill Camille came through and dropped lyrical bombs from Los Angeles, CA.

ill camille photo: autumn marie

Wordspit left the Newark, NJ crowd dazed and amazed!

wordspit photo: a. marie

Jenjer Ricci (Irvington, NJ) got much NJ love as she performed with her DJ Sun Su.

jenjer ricci dj sun su

Mula Lansky brought her BK hood to Newark, NJ and the crowd was uber appreciative.

mula lansky photo: a. marie

Signed to Talib Kweli, the brother Buggs Da Rocka was one of the favorites of the Lincoln Park Music Festival.

buggs tha da rocka photo: a. marie

Photos by A. Marie.