Remy Ma: Straight, No Chaser

For almost a decade, Remy Ma waited her turn as labels toiled, release dates spoiled, and still no album. But five years removed from her initial introduction to the masses, "Lean Back" reached the suburbs at the same time Hip-Hop wanted a new reigning female. Without heavily relying upon her Terror Squad comrades, There’s Something […]

For almost a decade, Remy Ma waited her turn as labels toiled, release dates spoiled, and still no album. But five years removed from her initial introduction to the masses, "Lean Back" reached the suburbs at the same time Hip-Hop wanted a new reigning female.

Without heavily relying upon her Terror Squad comrades, There’s Something About Remy is propelled by another Scott Storch single for the clubs, and mortared with songs that reflect the ruggedness of a Bronx childhood, as well as the changes of motherhood. These same issues were also discussed between and Remy. Never one to stay diplomatic, Remy also speaks on her love of the leaf, Pun’s family, and every street-chatter-point you could imagine. This is Remy Martin, straight – no chaser. This album is five to six years in the making, how it does feel?

Remy Ma: Hmmmm, it feels great. [laughs] Okay. That was real generic.

Remy Ma: It feels greeaaat. I feel like Tony the Tiger right now. Was it your decision to release on February 7th? Did you make it that way so it could drop on the day Pun passed?

Remy Ma: No, it was actually it wasn’t. I know There’s Something About Remy got pushed back a couple of times. [Click here for exclusive Remy Ma content, downloads and music.]

Remy Ma: Exactly, from September to December to all the way through to February. It just so happens it got changed to February 7th. It’s either that or Valentines Day. But they picked the 7th. They didn’t (even) realize what it was until I schooled them and told them what it was the 7th was. I didn’t even tell them, I asked them like ‘Uh, do you know what the 7th is?’ [It] must be a sign it’s supposed to be that way. How do you think SRC is doing as a record label with your project?

Remy Ma: I think they f**king suck. But hey, thank God I got good material, hopefully that’s enough. The numbers weren’t what they wanted at the time on [my first single,] “Whatever.” They were scared to death and they went with the “Conceited” song when they should just waited, they were f**king beasting and mad scared. My album been done since this time last year. That just goes to show you how retarded they are. Being that you are in a male dominated game, did the label ever ask you to s### it up?

Remy Ma: Umm, no not really. That’s more like my friends who do my make up and hair. Like, “Rem, put on this, wear that.” If I choose to – yeah, but on the regular basis it’s a no. You got Executive Producer status on your album. Usually Fat Joe gets the exec title on Terror Squad-related albums, how did you pull that off?

Remy Ma: Well, this isn’t a Terror Squad album for one. This is a Remy Ma album, and I put 150 percent into this project. I was picking my beats. I was picking the order of my songs, making sure the mastering and mixing was right. I did what I was supposed to do to get Executive Producer status. Whose idea was it for the album cover? It’s a little kiddy pornish.

Remy Ma: With the dress and Tims, that was me. That’s me right there. The hair is done, make up’s done. Looking beautiful walking a pit with Tims on. What’s up with the Reebok 5411’s? You been rocking them heavy?

Remy Ma: Umm, actually Reebok made me my own Remy Ma “Conceited” limited editions. I pick my own colors and it has my name and stamp on it. I love them. I’ve always loved them, [since] back in the day when they were still [cost +tax] $54.11. I just felt like no one else was rocking them. So I’m going to be different and bring them back. Recently you did a freestyle with some slick comments about Foxy going deaf and video vixen Buffie the Body. What was that all about?

Remy Ma: Nothing, it was just good punchlines. I thought it was hot. I don’t have anything against Buffie at all. Foxy either. I just spit anything sometimes and I don’t care. You thought it was a hot line… Speaking of outspokenness, when The Game came on the scene, he was running around saying he wanted to hit it. What was your reaction?

Remy Ma: I don’t know, I would of probably let him pipe if he asked right [laughs]. Nah, I’m playing. Like knowing Game, how he talk reckless, I took it as a compliment, he’s a sweetheart. So did you’ve spoken to him about it since then?

Remy Ma: Yeah, when it first happened I spoke to him like, “Oh word? I’m going to get at you on my next freestyle.” He was like, “Aight, whatever.” It was like real cool. On some real friendly back and forth s**t. It’s nothing. Well it caught my attention. How did you feel about Pun’s family putting his TS chain up for auction?

Remy Ma: That was insane to me. I’m from the Bronx myself and that hurt my heart.

Remy Ma: That’s crazy. Like if I had Pun’s chain and I was starving, homeless, dying on the street and I didn’t have a pot to p### and a window to throw out of, I would never in a million years think of putting my man’s chain on eBay. I’d f**king pawn it before I do that. At least you can get it back. If that thought even crossed your mind, if you going to be that grimy, pawn it. How are you just going to sell it to someone who you supposedly loved so much, to someone you don’t even know? Like what the f**k is that about? Like that was crazy to me. Give a call to a friend, a relative who thinks that they might want it, no pawnshop, just go straight to eBay with it that’s crazy to me. What’s your current relationship with his family?

Remy Ma: I mean, I never see them. I never speak to them. Have you ever ghostwritten for Joe?

Remy Ma: Is that the rumor? Yeah, where you been?

Remy Ma: [laughs] Umm, nah I don’t write for Joe. Even if I was ghostwriting , are you supposed to tell? No, but I still got to be on my J.O.! [Remy laughs] What did you think of Cam’s diss to Jay?

Remy Ma: I don’t care [and] I don’t. Why? I just don’t be caring about s**t. I want an answer; I’d like to see this s**t happen. I hope Jay say something back so Cam can say something back again. So they go crazy [at each other]. Instigating, huh?

Remy Ma: Pretty much! So you got a man huh?

Remy Ma: No, not really my man, but a man. You still claiming single status?

Remy Ma: Yeah. How’s parenthood changed you?

Remy Ma: The biggest thing would probably be right now, like having to put him in school being that I’m [working] all the time. He stays with my mom in North Carolina. Having him away from me is the toughest thing. Do you play him your music?

Remy Ma: Yeah, he knows more about rap music than me. What do you think you accomplished with this album?

Remy Ma: It’s just like it’s a solid album all the way around. I didn’t any [miss] points or anything else I missed, like I’ll catch it on the next album. Seriously like if you starving and you hungry, my album is an eight course meal. It’s something you need. No more battling?

Remy Ma: Yeah, it’s a wrap. It was just for fun. I never really joined it. It was just something to do at the time. What do you hate the most about the rap game?

Remy Ma: Probably all the extra politics and payola and how n***as pay to get their songs played, to get videos played and pay for the extra radio spots. And just people who really grind, people who got talent get pushed to the side. They have to go through extra s**t because everyone else is paying. Who are the biggest b*tches?

Remy Ma: Probably the dudes. They be acting like b****es, they f**king tell everything, they gossip, they f***ing mad catty. It ain’t enough b****es in the game to be them. What’s your favorite spot in New York City?

Remy Ma: Hmmmm, all the weed spots. [laughs] What’s the strongest weed you ever smoked?

Remy Ma: Recently, I smoked some “train wreck” when I was over in L.A. That s**t had me f**king stupefied. Is it a problem that you smoke heavy and Fat Joe doesn’t?

Remy Ma: I been broke him out of that. I had to explain to him like listening I’m a pothead, that’s what I do and that’s it. Like get over it. I don’t even think it bothers him. He rather someone smoke a pound of weed, before someone smoke one cigarette and I feel the same way, so we good. I hate cigarettes. What’s the side of Remy Ma that the public doesn’t know about?

Remy Ma: Probably the more intimate side, like if you were ever to talk to my shorty [man], people wouldn’t ever believe how I really act. It’s not even how I really act, that’s just me. No drama, no screaming, no yelling, no smacking your baby mama type s**t. Whoever I’m loving, they get to see that side. Sounds like you might be whipped…

Remy Ma: Negative.