Canal Street The Movie: A Relevant Tale In Appropriate Times

Artist Rhyan LaMarr Gives Allhiphop A Detailed Breakdown Of His Latest Film- Canal Street

Chicago native, Rhyan LaMarr, is the perfect combination of rapper and filmmaker. Many would just call him an “Artist.” Yet, his broad spectrum of skills make his title not so simple.

Canal Street the film, released in 2019 was LaMarr’s big break as a producer/director/screenwriter. Canal Street, is a dramatically thoughtful piece with political undertones and components of racial tension. Simultaneously as an artist, Rhyan tapped into his first love of music. With 20 tracks, Rhyan brings together a list of who’s who in the industry to tell his life story on A Perfect Mess: A Canal Street Mixtape.

Allhiphops’ Seleah Simone caught up with Rhyan LaMarr to discuss this project. Watch his interview for the scoop!