RIP Sean Price: One of A Kind

The Omega…

[Editor’s Note: this is hexmurda’s third ode to Sean Price. Since he abhors editing, we decided to edit – ok, there is no edit. Click here for part 2]


Sean Price was laid to rest Wednesday.

Put in the ground.

Ashes to ashes & all that s###…

I will NEVER see my friend in the physical form again.


Never is a long f###### time.

I have to rely on video & pictures & s### to see Ruck again.

This is the enormity & finality of death. The s### makes me even sadder when I type it. This is the part where I tell u what a great friend Sean Price was. What a good father. A loving husband. One of the greatest emcees to ever touch a mic. This is where I’m supposed to unleash every cliche under the sun & shower praise upon the deceased, who usually don’t deserve it.

But Sean Price does deserve it.

Every f###### word.

He was a great friend to me, & to those around him lucky enough to be called his friends. He was a good father. He loved & cared for both Elijah & Shaun. He loved his wife Bernadette & loved her the way fish love water.
F### what you heard & who u heard it from if they don’t say that SEAN PRICE was one of the greatest Emcees that has ever graced this earth. EVERY verse was a quotable. Every single one. He would call me & recite a verse he’d just written & I would just hang up on him. Dog was FILTHY with the bars. F###### disgusting. He didn’t give two f#### about the radio, or melody, or trying to get the new hot “Lil” or “Young” on his joint. All he cared about was the bars. & he had those ON LOCK. When he said “LISTEN”, u better f###### listen.

I remember when I first heard “FIGURE FOUR”. I was just out of the hospital & I was f##### up. Could barely move. When I “talked” to Ruck he said he had something he wanted me to hear. I think he sent it to me, or I heard it on SoundCloud or something. Anyway I listened to it & heard him give me a shout out, & that was love. I appreciated that. I kept listening. Start of the second verse he spat the infamous “SHAWN CARTER IS NICE / BUT SEAN PRICE IS THE BEST”, bar. I sat straight up & called that muthafucka IMMEDIATELY. I think I called his cell. He answered, “SLUM!” I could barely talk & managed to squeak out, “RUCK.”

He said, “Did u listen to it?”

I said “YUP”, as loud as I could, then I hung up on his ass.

Dog had BARS.

That’s not really what I wanted to tell ya’ll tho. I ain’t really here to give out Hip Hop lessons. Today u can wear your little sister’s jeans if u want too.

Whatever, Jaden.

Just listen.

Writing this s### is like therapy for me, I’m laughing & crying at the same time & s###. I know I probably look retarded as f###. My guy may be gone but all I gotta do is play my Sean Price playlist & he’s back growling at me.
Man, shout out to my dog Rick Gonzalez for making me write about Ruck. I wasn’t gonna write s### until he asked me to. So if u like it, thank him, If u hate it, blame him. He’s a little Puerto Rican dude who looks EXACTLY like ‘SPANISH’ from “OLD SCHOOL”.

I feel f###### terrible, man. Terrible. Then I realized that if I feel this bad then imagine how those BCC & DuckDown dudes feel. How ROCK must feel. Guilty & BlackMilk. RusteJuxx, Rim, Agallah, IllaGhee. How BERNADETTE & the kids must feel.

It ain’t about me.

F### my feelings.

Yeah, my dog is gone & my heart is broken but I’ll pick up the pieces.

Right now it seems impossible but it’ll happen. Unfortunately this ain’t my first rodeo. What’s truly important is those kids & Bernadeezy.

I’ll be OK.

I just think about Ruck in a cipher with Big, Pun, Pac, L, Proof, Flood & whoever else is up there.
Or I think about him writing some celestial bars to some DILLA beats.

Ruck, I’m going to miss u man.

I can’t wait to hang up on u again.

Some other quotes…

BLACK MILK (emcee/producer/ member of RANDOM AXE) :
“It’s rare you meet people in the industry that you enjoy having a real relationship with outside the music and politics.. P was one of those people, you enjoyed his friendship and presence. If we never recorded another record together, it would be all good as long as the friendship remained… A personality like his is irreplaceable”

ELZHI (emcee) :
“Sean P was one of a kind and he will be missed”

“P told me to tell people “thank my daughter” from now on when I want to f### somebody up but don’t. She dont need me locked up.

RICK GONZALEZ (actor): ” If you were an emcee and Sean thought you were dope, he showed a lot of love. And that’s super evident in his career. He did countless features and allowed many new artists to stand next to him on songs and get their career started. I’m one of those people. I’m super grateful for that. I remember one time in the studio, Sean mentioned he uses ‘Muddy Waters’ the album by Redman (One of my faves too!) as his barometer for his projects. Wow. He even showed love to his contemporaries and respected them. Sean was a pure student of rap. If writing a dope 16 was a college course, he could teach it. He’s the only person who in my opinion outshines hooks with his witty and comical verses. In hindsight Sean has what many greats I’ve been privy to be around seem to encompass; an ability to see greatness in others therefore always creating amazing energy around them. It’s why he’s able to be special in anything he touches. I’m gonna miss his laugh. Dude always had a good 3 or 4 snaps about me on deck. Lol. God bless the God P-Body!”