Showcasing Dopeness: J Hatch From iStandard and “Get Your Buzz Up” On The Grind And In-Studio With Yelawolf


A lot of people know who J Hatch is. They just don’t know that they know who J Hatch is. Permit us to explain. J Hatch is a man of many hats in that he is always somewhere in the Hip-Hop game doing something.

If there is a stage, a live performance, and an eager artist ready to shine in the spotlight, then J Hatch can’t be too far away! His contributions through and the “Get Your Buzz Up Showcase” are but a few of the things he does well.

He’s a host, a moderator, and a professional, and got a moment to talk with J Hatch to learn what it takes to make his Hip-Hop world go-round, the endless travel scene, and how many people he relies on to make each showcase a success. J, you do a whole lot in the music industry. We’re not sure when you find time to sleep, sir! Explain what, the “Get Your Buzz Up Showcase”, and Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes are?

J Hatch: I am the co-founder of iStandard; we’ve run the largest live producer-driven event in the nation for seven years and are currently doing said events in 25 cities. We have placed records with artists such as 50 Cent (most recently on The Lost Tapes), Diddy, Rick Ross, Sean Kingston, and many more. We also operate the largest online production website,, where new producers can not only get up-to-date news and exclusive production oriented content, but connect with their favorite artists by submitting music directly to them through our relationships.

I am the founder of the “Get Your Buzz Up” Industry EXperience, an artist showcase that takes things to the next level in regards to exposure for artists who are involved in the movement. Up until about four months ago, I was the VP of Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes, and I helped expand the brand into various markets through their monthly industry mixers. I also was the project manager on their annual Coast 2 Coast Convention for last four years. How did you become involved with them?

J Hatch: Every great company has a great team. I don’t do this myself. Don Di Napoli (my business partner and co-founder of iStandard) approached me with an idea of doing some type of event for producers, since I had already been doing them for artists. We sat down at the famous Katz Deli in NYC and mapped out a game plan. Seven years, multiple placements, staff expansion to 35 as of July 1, site numbers through the roof, we couldn’t be happier.

“Get Your Buzz Up” I started with my business partner Drawzilla and Mike Trampe of Maad Management. We wanted to create a special experience for up and coming artists that other showcases failed to do. We provide all artists with additional perks through doing our show, such as their own HD video clip, placement on a mixtape that gets distributed to four million contacts, a chance to perform in front of influential people in the music industry, an incredible prize package that includes a full paid trip to Miami to perform, and much more.

Coast 2 Coast is an explosive brand with a lot of potential. I met the CEO, Lil Fats, through one of my interns who was working on getting one of my artist’s additional mixtape exposure. We spoke on the phone, clicked quickly, and started working on some initiatives between brands. After a year or two, I became a consultant and project manager for their convention and helped get their business into an organized self-sufficient powerhouse. What is it that you guys are looking for an artist to bring to the stage when they are performing for you?

J Hatch: I want to see professionalism, passion, and pure talent. Also, a lot of artists don’t realize they are a walking billboard and must present their brand consistently every day. Being on Twitter and Facebook spamming people with links is not going to get you recognized. Wake up people, you can’t sound like every artist out and make it in the game.  Be yourself and push the envelope. It seems like you are always on the road! That has to be hard. How often do you get to see the inside of your own home?

J Hatch: Man, as we speak I am home for only 18 hours, head out to L.A. tomorrow and have seven events in four cities in next nine days. It’s definitely something you have to be built for, but I couldn’t even be doing this without our incredible support system within iStandard and Get Your Buzz Up. With all that traveling, you must have some pretty interesting stories from a city or two. Care to share any of them?

J Hatch: Every city has its own story, honestly. The producers all bring their own take on this production thing, so it keeps everything very interesting. I would say one of the high points was our recent session with The Mekanics, in-studio with Yelawolf at ATL’s legendary Patchwerk Studios after our 5th Annual “Beast of The Beats” (our year-end event powered by Monster Energy Drink that brings back all the winners in the 25 cities to New York City for a major finale with a major prize package – see videos below).

Plus, meeting and building relationships with some of the biggest names in the production game is always an incredible thing, too. What’s up next for J Hatch and all of the various projects you are working on?

J Hatch: Next up is an overseas and Canada expansion and a new event roll-out called “Beat Camp” for iStandard in 2013. I’m focusing on a few other non-music projects as well. To find out what we have going on, follow us on Twitter (@iStandard) and (@GetYourBuzzUp), and follow me personally (@Mogulstatus).

We have a lot of positive things coming up. Big shouts to my incredible business partners, Don Di Napoli, Mike Trampe, Drawzilla, and the the whole team, Rhythm J, 2ew Gunn Ciz, PJ, Daniel R, J Wil, Gerald Kong, Premise, Shah Evans, Joe Ramos, Ace, and anyone else that has helped advance my career. Thanks!

Check out video from Days 1-3 of “Beast of the Beats”, including an in-studio session with Yelawolf in Atlanta: