Slink Johnson Explains Why He Wants To Be The Snoop Dogg Of Comedy & Acting 

Slink Johnson

AllHipHop caught up with Slink to discuss his love for marijuana, the rise of Black Jesus, having good karma, putting together a comedy tour and more.

What Snoop Dogg is to the rap game is exactly what Slink Johnson hopes to be in the comedy and acting world. Standing tall at 6’7”, it’s hard to overlook Gerald ‘Slink’ Johnson — and he plans to take over the entertainment industry as the King of Ad-Lib. 

Born in Arkansas, the actor, producer, and comedian actually got his start as a rapper before shifting to his one true love: comedy.

You may recognize Slink from his standout role in Hulu’s comedy sitcom “Black Jesus,” or maybe his character portraying Lamar Davis in the 2013 video game Grand Theft Auto V. Either way, it’s his quick wit and sharp humor that leaves a lasting impact on all those who are fortunate enough to cross paths with him. And when it comes to the marijuana consumption, he’s a proud founder member of his Smoke Yours Crew, which only the elites are able to join.

Most recently, Slink unleashed his new web series titled GTA V Real Life Comparisons on YouTube, with promo for the show going viral all over the internet and social media. 

AllHipHop: How much do you smoke in a day? I know you love cannabis.

Slink Johnson: Man, I smoke a lot. I’m not sure. I can’t put a number on it. It depends on how much weed is around and what I’m doing that day, I really can’t put a number on it.

AllHipHop: How often would you say?

Slink Johnson: Everything depends on circumstance, I smoke blunts. On a normal day at home, plenty of weed in the house. In the course of the day from the time I get up to the time I go to sleep, I smoke about 8 to 10 blunts. 

AllHipHop: Have you ever gotten too high?

Slink Johnson: Nah, too high is a relevant statement. It depends on the moment. I say no. It depends on what’s going on when you’re too high. Yeah I’ve gotten too high. Certain things I’ve done, I probably was higher than I should’ve been. Probably didn’t perform as well as I could. The other night I got high off the mushroom and I went to Ragnarök, that’s where Thor lives. I was outta here, I was high as a m###########.

AllHipHop: Shrooms are becoming more and more prevalent everyday.

Slink Johnson: I had some bomb shrooms the other day. No excuse me, Thor’s from Asgard, but I went to Ragnorak. I had some f###### shrooms though. Aw man, I was f###### fried.

AllHipHop: How was your trip?

Slink Johnson: It didn’t make me hallucinate as much as it did make me hypersensitive to everything. Every thought, feeling, emotion that went through my head, I was hypersensitive to it. When I get off shrooms like that, I get tourettes. I start blurting out s###. It’s cool though, I had a great time. I’ll do it again. It’s not something a n*gga do everyday, that’s once a year type s###.

AllHipHop: How does it feel to have Black Jesus do what it did?

Slink Johnson: That s###’s crazy, they gave me a TV show where I play Jesus m############ Christ. That was absolutely a blast man, I’m waiting for them to come back. They didn’t say it was over, I’ve been waiting for them to call me back. Let’s do it, let’s get that s### crackin’. It was a blast to be able to be the most high and to play the most high.

AllHipHop: How did Black Jesus happen?

Slink Johnson: I was introduced to Aaron McGruder through a good friend of mine Jason Van Veen who was writing for Aaron, working with him. I did some sketches for Aaron through Jason, Aaron liked the sketches and saw it in me to do it. He had the idea for Black Jesus so he approached me and asked me if I’d like to shoot some sketches based on the character. I said “hell yeah.” He gave me the costume, I said “okay so what do you want me to do? Where’s the script?” He said “there’s no script, do what you would do. If you were Jesus, what would you do?”

AllHipHop: You improved all that?

Slink Johnson: Absolutely, the original sketches. The original adaptation of Jesus on film as far as I’m concerned, the sketch was improv. Because I had other people in them, but there wasn’t a lot of dialogue for them. They had dialogue, but it wasn’t really a lot. It was them being my friends, Jesus hanging out with his homeboys and his homeboys reacting to Jesus. I’m talking s### to these guys, they’re like “ah man, whatever.” It was dope, it was fun. 

AllHipHop: Someone said “we need the comedy skits, Slink.”

Slink Johnson: I dropped one on Valentine’s Day called “Why She Keep Scratchin’?” Go to my YouTube page: or search Slink Johnson on Youtube. Subscribe to my channel, check it out. I dropped another video called “You Ain’t High Yet?” I’m high right now, but tomorrow morning I’ma ask you “You Ain’t High Yet?” After that, I dropped GTA V Real Life Comparisons. Y’all check my YouTube channel. I’ve got some s### on there. Check in there, tap in, stop playing with me. Stop acting so bougie with your little likes and your little subscription. Go subscribe to a n*gga, that s###’s free. Love me down, hit my Cashapp $SlinkJohnson.

AllHipHop: Plug yo s###!

Slink Johnson: I’m trying to say it man. M############ say “Slink I don’t know why you aint on yet,” because you don’t share my s###. You got to support my s###. F### with your boy, you want the real one to win right? Well here’s real n*gga s###, subscribe.

AllHipHop: I hate how YouTube doesn’t like marijuana anything.

Slink Johnson: Man, it’s against the guidelines. When you put your video up, it’s going to ask you “does it got recreational drug use?” First of all, this ain’t recreational. This is for my life. It’s medicine, it’s therapy. This is real life for my life. Second of all, it ain’t drugs. Third of all, it ain’t using. It’s enjoying. They should change the terminology off top. This isn’t recreational, this is mandatory. This is f###### first class. This is basic living right here, a basic necessity to my life. 

You like Snoop? I want to be to comedy and acting what Snoop Dogg was to Hip Hop. I love and respect Snoop like a m###########, I want to be that to comedy and acting. ‘Cause the acceptance: Snoop along with B-Real and Cypress Hill, several other people championed marijuana through music and made it acceptable for us to enjoy like we do today, in states like California and many others across the country. God put it on earth for you and me, He gave it to us. It’s for us to have.

AllHipHop: Talk about the all-star cast in Black Jesus, I see King Bach in there. 

Slink Johnson: There’s Corey Holcomb, Antwon Tanner, Andra Fuller, Valenzia Algarin in Season One, oh my gosh. Charlie Murphy, John Witherspoon, excellent cast. Outstanding. God bless Charlie and John, such a pleasure working with those dudes. That s### legendary and I can say that because I worked with them guys. It’s some hot s###, much love to their families. I have a great time with my cast. We all good, they my family. F###### Angela Gibbs, I love her to death. Ms. Tudi, I love her to death.

AllHipHop: What was the best part of shooting?

Slink Johnson: Best part of shooting was shooting, living the dream. I’m up there getting paid to play make believe. It was good. It was fun to be working there with the crew, all the hard-working people who made sure the s### looked good and ran smoothly. All the good people behind-the-scenes: the art department, the lighting, sound guys, PA’s, production, caterers. Everybody there, it was such a f###### great vibe. Everybody was so cool, the greatest part was being able to work with a bunch of cool ass people that got you. It was always bittersweet wrapping. They’re so fun, just great people.

AllHipHop: Someone said “Slink got good karma,” is that true?

Slink Johnson: I’ll take it, thank you. I try to pay s### forward. I’m by no means perfect. I’ve got a lot of f##### up imperfections, bad habits and ways about me that’s not cool, but on a larger scale, I do try to do things and pay it forward. I saw a post Charlamagne tha God put up that said “do good things, don’t worry about it coming back or where it’s going to come from.” Pay it forward and it’s going to come back to you. It might not always come back from the person you paid it to. Just be cool, g#####. S### don’t gotta be that serious. Smoke some weed and talk about it later.

AllHipHop: Talk about the new comedy tour you’re putting together.

Slink Johnson: Absolutely. We Smoking Yours, we hitting the nation with the I Know Your Mama comedy tour. To quote 2 Chainz: “old enough to be your daddy, young enough to f### your mama.” I’m at that perfect age right now where I’m good for uncles, sisters and aunties. I consider myself part of the hip hop culture and the culture in general. Being the elder statesman in the Hip Hop culture, I could reflect and look back on times now. I see all these young guys coming up. I’m looking at all these little faces, these guys tell me they’re born in ‘93, ‘94. Damn my ngga. Looking back at the times in ‘93 and ‘94, the ladies I was having that time with could very well be some of these nggas’ mamas. So I say, “n*gga I know your mama. Let me tell you about some of the fun times I had with your mama before you came along.”

AllHipHop: How was it lending your voice to the cast of Space Jam 2 with Lebron James? 

Slink Johnson: Space Jam 2, f###### amazing, outstanding opportunity. S### man, that’s a juggernaut of a franchise to be a part of in any way. It’s definitely a blessing man. I got a chance to lend my voice, my face, and my body. I had fun and I acted in the m###########, so that s### was off the chizzain! 

Slink Johnson – Photo credit: Tom Griscom

AllHipHop: Can you tell us the story behind the Smoke Yours crew?

Slink Johnson: The Smoke Yours crew is an organization of friendship based on cannabis or cannabis based off friendship, either way you want to call it. Being friends, cannabis brings so many people together, it makes people aware of each other and brings people close. I’ve been running with the idea for years and years and years, before it was actually Smoke Yours. Around 2013, I’m hanging out with my man Deloor James, who’s a fellow weed aficionado like myself. Him and I, we have very colorful conversations. Use very very innovative lingo, things of that nature.

The theme has always been in both of our hearts. We call each other first thing in the morning and see who’s got the weed because if I don’t have it, he has it. We always try to beat each other to call each other in the morning: “yo, you got some weed? Smoke your s### up. I’ma come smoke all yours.” Eventually, we broke it down. We call each other first thing in the morning: “what’s up ngga, smoke yours. You got some, smoke yours.” From there, we started running with it and nggas was liking it. The crew grew, the hashtag blew. S###, we smoking yours.

AllHipHop: Damn, I want to be in the crew.

Slink Johnson: Well, it’s got some stringent guidelines and approval process. However, I’m sure you’re more than capable of meeting the standards because it’s a very prestigious organization. Usually we ask that you donate a pound of high grade Indica to the group. I can automatically give you an honorary I.D. 

AllHipHop: You gave me a grey shirt today!

Slink Johnson: The shirts go in colors. You start at the bottom with the white, then you move up a level to gray. When you get the black shirt Smoke Yours crew, okay wow. You’re on the top floor, you’ve got access to the cafeteria and everything. Right now, you’re in the lobby.

AllHipHop: Talk about your character Lamar Davis from GTA V.

Slink Johnson: He’s a f###### idiot. Lamar is an idiot, he plays Franklin’s best friend. We talk about actors and characters, people be getting it messed up sometimes. Lamar’s an idiot, Slink’s not. Lamar’s an idiot and he plays Franklin’s best friend. Franklin’s one of the 3 protagonist playable characters in the game. Lamar’s always into some s###, but you love Lamar. Lamar always into some stupid s###.

AllHipHop: Anything else you want to let the people know?

Slink Johnson: I want to let the people know they need to smoke their weed. Relax a little bit, man, and stop being so mad about s###. Stop saying such hurtful s### all the time because you mad, because you gotta back that hurtful s### up or live on that hurtful s###. Stop doing that s### man and ultimately, stop f###### up. Don’t let temporary feelings and emotions lead to a longtime consequence in your life, whether it’s jail, injury, or losing respect for somebody. Move past emotion. Y’all youngsters. I understand this about life: we only know as much as we know. We only know as much as our experiences allow us to so it’s hard for us to understand somebody else’s aspects, somebody else’s point.

My point being, y’all 20 year-old m############ think you know everything, there’s a whole lot of life in front of you. Slow down and listen. Stop feeling like you’re mad and you do some s### that gets you in some situation that’s going to last you way longer than those emotions you’re feeling at the moment. You’re only going to be mad about that for a day or 2, but you f### around sit in prison for over 30 years. Relax.