Snoop Dogg: The Realest Part 2 Not to open a sore wound, but what was it that made you and Pac fall out? Snoop: We was in New York before Pac got killed at the MTV Awards and Angie Martinez had got at me in the park because Pac had just confronted Nas. Nas had about 50 n***as with him […] Not to open a sore wound, but what was it that made you and Pac fall out?

Snoop: We was in New York before Pac got killed at the MTV Awards and Angie Martinez had got at me in the park because Pac had just confronted Nas. Nas had about 50 n***as with him and Pac had about 30 n***as with him and Pac checked him, punked him in Central Park, I mean straight punked him. He went up to the n***a and told him, "N***a, look n***a." Nas said, "Hey Pac, I ain’t got no problem with you man, I love your music." So Pac said, "Well look n***a, if you ain’t got a problem with me, I got a record comin out where I diss you, Biggie, Jay-Z and whop whop whoop, and n***a if it ain’t no love lost, n***a don’t make no reply record, n***a and I wont come back at you no more." And it went down just like that, I was right there. I wasn’t in the circle I was outside the circle looking right [in], so Pac is standing where you at, and he looking at me while he talking to [Nas], and I’m right behind Nas about four steps away.

Snoop: I got about fifteen n***as with me but we not trippin’ we just watching, but Pac punkin a n***a broke him all the way down. So after that Angie Martinez get at me and she say, "Snoop I don’t see you in the middle of all that and I say I’m not a part of that so she says would you come to the station and speak on it?" I don’t have a problem with that, so I go to the station and about thirty minutes into the interview [she] says, "So how do you feel about Biggie and Puff?" "Oh them my n***as, I love them n***a’s they make good music." And that did it. That one comment did it. They felt like I betrayed n***a’s and me and Pac ain’t said another word after that. He sent his little homeboy to my room when I got back to the hotel talking bout, "Pac said give him five blunts homie." I said, "N*igga send Pac up here so I give the n***a one blunt." So [Pac] call me on the phone and say, "Hey Dogg, send me some more weed down here I got some b**ches down here." So I’m like, "Aight homie so I give him some more weed. So we riding back on the plane and them n***as don’t say one word to me. They don’t even let my security ride with me on a private plane. They tell my security you can’t ride, so it’s just me and all them n***a’s and nobody says one word to me. We land and I got my Rolls Royce pickin me up and he got his pickin him up and I say, "Yo Pac you goin to Vegas?" and he just give me this real stank ass look and don’t say nothing, that’s it.

Snoop: So I’m at Warren G’s house and my pager starts blowing up talking bout turn on the news. We turn on the news see yellow tape and Suge’s [BMW], we hear the words so I call Suge like, "What up y’all alright?" He like, "Yeah I got shot in the head, Pac moving he alright." So I hop in the car me my Uncle, Marcus, and Kenny we rolled down to Suge’s house in my Hummer. When we get there everybody all sad looking, so they let us slip in the back room. But the way [Suge] actin he ain’t actin like a n***a that just got shot. He got a cigar in his mouth he like, "Yeah Doggy Dogg that n***a Pac crazy man when that m#### fu**a start shooting he said jump in the back seat and and try to hop over the seat and I’m pulling him down so he wouldn’t get shot." So I’m listening to [Suge] talk right and his whole attitude just ain’t like a n***a that’s supposed to be hurt right now, he’s more happy and s**t and I’m just like cool aight. So me and my uncle we looking at each other like, "Damn that s**t don’t seem right." So the next day we go to the hospital and Pac ain’t movin or nothing. His mama [Afeni Shakur] in there, Jesse Jackson in there. His mama grabbed me because I just break down. I’m just crying, I think I threw up, I fainted, all kinda s**t! That s**t was crazy for me because that was my n***a, and for it to end all over some crazy s**t that was crazy.

Snoop: So I fell out, [Afeni] grab me took me to the bathroom, cleaned a n***a up. [She] stood me outside and she was just being so real with a n***a. She said, "Pac loves you and she was just running down some real s**t," and I’m just like damn I can’t believe she’s being so strong right now. The next time I seen her, my mama went to Atlanta to do something for her for Mother’s Day [Benefit] and she told me some real s**t. I ain’t gonna share it, but it was real some real heavy s**t, so I always look out for his mama cause I know how much he loved his mama. All these other n***as that be stealin from him and using him on songs and all that, them n***as is fake especially all these n***as he dissed and checked. That’s fake sh*t to me. If a n***a diss me and a n***a dead, I can’t take his vocals and do a record with him like we was cool. That’s hoe sh*t to me ’cause if the n***a was here, he’d be driving your ass in the turf right now. Ja rule wouldn’t even exist right now and that’s real s**t.

Snoop: DMX would’ve made it because he was like a substitute for a Pac once Pac was dead he was the closest thing to him. N***as could relate to DMX he was that hard n***a that was like, "F**k it." So n***as could relate, but Ja Rule definitely wouldn’t be in the game. Oh but he ain’t in the game now anyway. 50 Cent shut him down. (Laughter) I told you about trying to hit the boss n***a, you said something about me and I didn’t say nothing back to you, I told Irv Gotti I was gonna give y’all a pass, I ain’t gonna f**k with y’all. I know [Irv] was mad [that] Daz checked y’all n***as and y’all wanna shoot a shot at me instead of getting at Daz, but it’s cool though you can’t knock a boss off. I’m on top, I’m here to stay this is where I’m supposed to be I earned this position ain’t nobody give this to me. How many different sides are there to Snoop?

Snoop: There’s a couple of sides. I’ve been through a whole lot. A whole lot. And it needs to be expressed because at the same time I’m still that cool n***a that sit in the corner. But sometimes I gotta come out of the shell because if I don’t say nothing, who else gonna say something? I’m the movement right now, I’m the voice for a lot of muh fu**as who can’t speak. But when I speak sometimes it ain’t my voice it’s they voice. It’s just they cant be heard and they can’t say what I can say so I just say it for them.