SUMMER MADNESS X: Clash of the Midwest Titans – The 10th Anniversary of URL’s Biggest Event

The Ultimate Rap League will present Summer Madness X to celebrate the 10th anniversary of their biggest battle rap event.

On Saturday, September 19th, Smack White and the Ultimate Rap League presents “Summer Madness X” exclusively debuting on Caffeine TV from an undisclosed location. 

With the cancelation of the headlining battle between Murda Mook and Brizz Rawsteen – disrupting the epic plans of the year’s most exciting card – the programming team at URL went into overdrive to ensure that not one iota of energy or quality is lost.

The night will host several incredible battles, topping every card presented this 2020.

Leading the pack is a battle that fans have wanted to see for years, finally the culture will learn who is the biggest star of the Midwest: Calicoe vs. Aye Verb. 

Considered a style clash of lyrical titans, these two vets have been able to sustain active careers in the culture because of their authentic understanding of street rap and their ability to translate as relevant fixtures — even in the fourth wave of competitive emcee culture. 

Another battle rap icon from their class and with just as much cache with fans is Harlem’s own Charlie Clips. 

After five years, Charlie Clips returns to the marquee event for the fourth time to prove that a few seasons on the hit MTV battle rap inspired comedy show did lessen his love for the sport. 

Ready to match his insatiable need for competition, is the two-time Champion of the Year, Geechi Gotti. The Compton native is never shy from stepping into the ring and vows to show Clips why he is one of the most feared rappers he will ever stand in front of.

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Pontiac’s Ill WIll and Yonkers/ Atlanta’s John John da Don will finally face each other after their NOME X battle was postponed due to COVID-19 precautions. 

Ill Will, the former UFF battle champion, will have to dig into his arsenal of gifts (freestyling, comedy, lyricisms, etc.) to defeat battle rap’s undisputed Goliath. Last year, he was a well-fought top contender on all platforms to be the COTY. 

When locked in he is no walk in the park and opponents know it … ask Tay Roc, URL’s top gunner, who once joked “I’m never battling Ill Will again.” 

Losses are few and far between for this Michigan son.

But, John John can count few losses in his career — and has boastfully accepted his title as PG Killer. He is to be feared in this space as he approaches his challengers with what seems to be a raw skill that is clearly well thought out. 

With a dash of a little of everything, this fan favorite’s greatest competency is his intellect. Will Ill Will have the stones to tumble the Bullpen Giant? He does but others have had the right rock and slingshot before. 

This could be the battle of the night.

While the card is chock-full of top tier talent, it also represents the current vibe of class conflict. This will be demonstrated by Chess vs. K-Shine and T-Top vs. B Dot. 

The quadrant of talent all are wordsmiths with a lexicon to boot, but it is their individual performance, topped by their collective genius that is sure to scintillate throughout each contest. 

People have been asking for Chess and K-Shine for some time. 

One is an unorthodox rhyme battler and the other is a lyrical Floyd Mayweather. The tension between these two has been thick for years, almost resulting in a fight … birthed out of their two-and-two between NWX (with DNA) and CakeLyfe (with Steams). 

K-Shine vowed to never give this battle until the young Chess paid some dues and got in control of his chokes. It seems that his dues and nerves have been mastered and this feud of the Uptown hot heads will come to an end. 

If angles are your thing, you will be in heaven during the T-Top and B Dot battle. Both are regarded as some of the top anglers in the sport. 

Top brings to the table the slick-witted talk of an NC boy dipped in the legacy of New York heritage (do the knowledge his family is from the Big Apple). B-Dot is a revolutionary with his feet ten toes down in the gang culture of LA. 

While the substance of most of their battles would push you to think that this is a style clash, it might not be. We hope that this is not a “You sell drugs to the community” and “You’re super righteous back and forth.” That would be borning and also be reflective of so many of their battles. 

Summer Madness X provides them with the opportunity to shake it up and come with something different. We know they can rap and entertain— but with the bounty of skills that both of them possess, can the two-step out of their wheelhouse and make this seemingly odd battle unpredictable. 

Two other battles that people cannot wait to see are Bill Collector vs. Holmzie the God and Rum Nitty vs. Reed Dollaz.

Rum Nitty, the Gun Line King has set his stock up to be the type of rapper that makes others emcees’ spines shiver with fear. Analysts dote on his punching, yet there is something to be said about his unbridled energy that sets the pace from jump. 

Reed is a legend but has to prove himself before the new titan.

Bill Collector and Holmzie the God round out this powerful card. The Loud brothers are set for a Cain and Abel bout. No one can tap dance around this one. True they are brothers but the will have to go at it like warring beasts. 

Both of them will be dedicating their win of the “Ultimate Madness 2” competition to loved ones: for Billiano LB da Boss and for Holmzie for his Grandmother. 

Tragically, they lost them during the “UM2” season and will bring that energy into the biggest battle rap stage in the history of Caffeine. 

Through this win, one of them will get a check for $25,000. Another element to make this card the type of card we have expected from a Summer Madness jawn.

Summer Madness X airs live on Caffeine TV on Saturday, September 19th at 4 p.m. EST/1 p.m. PST. 

Battles from Summer Madness will start to stream exclusively on The Ultimate Rap League’s App, alongside all kinds of original content, within weeks of their debut. The URL App is available across multiple servers such as Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire Stick, Samsung Smart TV, and XBOX on Androids, Apple Tablets, phones, and televisions. 

Caffeine TV is a new kind of broadcast company focused on the creation and distribution of live, interactive content. Founded by a former Apple designer, CEO Ben Keighran has set up a company that offers a social broadcasting platform for gaming, entertainment, and the creative arts for a community tired of the mundane. It also enables users to watch, share, and stream, along-side their celebrity influencers like Doja Cat, Offset, The Game, and Drake.

It is through their connection with Drake, that they formed a partnership with the Ultimate Rap League; one resulting in millions of streams, thousands of new users, hundreds of hours of programming, and scores of influencers that have decorated the platform as a go-to destination for the battle rap community.

The Ultimate Rap League is the premier battle rap sporting agency presenting competitive emceeing from each spectrum of the industry. 

From its talent finding titles “Proving Grounds,” “The Crucible” and “Ultimate Madness” to its events that have become the most coveted stages in the entire battle rap world — knighted by industry vets from Sean “Puff Daddy” Combs, Method Man, Busta Rhymes, Floyd Mayweather, Rakim and more.