Sway Talks About Dope Vs Wack On New Show “One Shot”


Hip-Hip has always has a distinct and unique internal war between the forces of dope and the forces of wack, but the discussion has been increasing in furor in the advent of social media interaction.

Very few know the idea as well as Sway Calloway, one of the most respected Hip-Hop heads in the game. The executive/host/reporter has leaped into a very special Hip-Hop competition called “One Shot,” where some of the competition is fresh and others are not-so-fresh. The topic has been a firebrand among Hip-Hop aficionados of all ages and underscored by friction between OG’s like Pete Rock and Young Dolph.

Sway says this is not all that unique.

“In the 90’s there were as many wack rappers as there are in the new millennium,” Sway told AllHipHop.com exclusively. “Its always been that. Not everybody was dope in the Golden Era…who we fooling?”

Sway has joined forces with recording executive Mike Smith, Kxng Crooked, and King Tech to create the Hip-Hop competition of Hip-Hop competitions – “One Stop.” The weekly show goes to some of Hip-Hop’s biggest hubs like New York,Charlotte, Atlanta, Miami, Chicago, Houston, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. Plus, celebrity judges include DJ Khaled, RZA, T.I. and others.

Sway says Hip-Hop’s many moving parts presents a bit of a dilemma for “One Shot,” as some of the performers are lyrical, personable and infectious.

“Even going into it, we have to remind ourselves…I don’t think its a problem for King Tech,because King Tech has always listened to music with an unbiased ear. He does have his favorite style of rapper, but…it doesn’t prevent him from recognizing the guy that may not be as lyrical. He can see the star power in that person. I have to deal with that on “Sway In The Morning” and I have for five years. I had to adjust. You have to sustain in these times and ages without losing yourself.”

Sway compared an artist like MC Hammer, who sold well over 10 million albums, with a revered lyricist like Kool G Rap. Although both are talented, there are times when lesser lyrical rappers have a certain je ne sais quoi that makes them megastars.

“You have to be able to recognized that magic, unbiased magic,” he said.

That magic will lead to a record deal and $100,000 of cold cash.

One Shot airs on BET at 10pm on Tuesday nights.

Check out the full interview below.