Tha Dogg Pound: Doggie Bag

Who would have thought? After all of the things that have been said, and all the harsh words, Daz and Kurupt are finally back together – the most significant reunion since The Fugees and A Tribe Called Quest. While once bitter enemies, through the help of Snoop Dogg and his push for West Coast unity, […]

Who would have thought? After all of the things that have been said, and all the harsh words, Daz and Kurupt are finally back together – the most significant reunion since The Fugees and A Tribe Called Quest. While once bitter enemies, through the help of Snoop Dogg and his push for West Coast unity, Daz and Kurupt were finally able to put the past behind them and reunite as the DPG. was curious to find out how Dillinger and Young Gotti were able to put aside their differences after throwing jabs at each other for years. Daz shed some light on the situation, and proves that if they can squash their vicious beef, anything is possible. Kurupt also breaks time from a Goodie Mob collaborative session to discuss matters of the heart, and matters of the ‘hood. Though known for his productions and Kurupt for his lyrics, Daz is the spokesman of the new Dogg Pound. Whatever the roles, the last five years proved these guys needed each other like Peaches & Herb. Ten years after Dogg Food, this doggie bag is still good as new. I want to start with how you and Kurupt squashed everything and got back together. So take me back to the very first time there was even talk or word of you guys coming back together, sitting down, and squashing your beef.

Daz: It was April 1, 2005, and everybody thought it was an April fool’s joke. So how did it go down? What was the word?

Daz: I was sleeping over Snoop’s house, doing some music with him, and he told me, “Daz, I’m trying to put together this whole Western Conference and everybody I come across, your name keeps poppin’ up, starting some s**t.” So I told Snoop to put everything back together, and then April 1, I had got a number on Kurupt. I left a message, because I was on my way to Vegas, then the next day, we hooked up and we were in L.A. and we did “Push Back.” And I got it all on video.

Kurupt: It was just something that we had to go through ourselves. When you go through life, sometimes you go through things like that with the ones that you love. The good thing about it is that we can come back together as one. That’s what we look at. It was a test of our loyalties, and we passed with flying colors. Bottom line, we are family and it showed us how much we love each other. We had to separate for a bit to realize it. Now we’re here again and stronger than ever. What was your thought process when this was happening? Because I don’t have to tell you that a lot of things were said on both sides. You vowed to twice that there never would be a reunion. So how is it you can call him, and all of the sudden it’s over?

Daz: Because I know Kurupt, I know what he’s about, and I know what he can do. And he knows what I’m going to do, know what I’m saying? We ain’t worried about what other n***as are gonna say, like Suge, and them b*tch ass motherf**kers. So we just put it back together like we did, and we are still putting it together right now. It’s just like ironing a wrinkled piece of pants, but with no starch. Everybody who was beefin’ were in one room. So we are on track right now and are trying to keep the peace and keep it moving. Because wars make money for the President, but wars don’t make money for n***as in the Rap game. Your reunion is the biggest product to be seen of this reunion. What does it mean for Hip-Hop?

Kurupt: I think that it does a lot. It really means a lot. It also shows how people can get together and put aside their differences. It shows grow within themselves and the community. Me, Daz and Snoopy did it. If Dogg Pound and Kurupt can settle their differences, I think that a lot of other people should be able to settle their differences as well. Hopefully it will bring together a whole different format of what California has been missing, musically as well as all around. The Dogg Pound is together again, you’re going to get good classic music as well as see maturity and a greater focus on music.

It’s a real beautiful thing for the west-coast. I think that it should open a lot of doors and raise the bar for a lot of rappers that are on the come-up. Will this restore the West’s reign?

Kurupt:. It will open doors, but everyone needs to step their game up. We need to bring our A-game, to the table. We’ve all seen what the Game did with 50 and Dr. Dre. You also have the Dogg Pound getting back together. I even heard that the Westside Connection was supposed to be getting back together. A lot of big things are about to go down for the West. There is a lot of new talent out here, as well as the original. We’ll show them how to do it. Did you guys have a sit down and specifically talk about the things that has been said?

Daz: Yeah, we met at the studio, but we ain’t trippin’ off what’s been said, we are leaving that in the past. It’s all about now, lets leave that in the past. But we got a DVD that’s coming out from the past, so that was before. The DPG Eulogy is when he went to Death Row, and its something we put together, and we are coming out with it to let everybody know what was going on. Kurupt, the DVD features some harsh words for you, as well as a chilly confrontation in 2001 when you first signed. What’s your reaction to its release?

Kurupt: It’s not important. It was when we were all going through our bulls**t. Is label paperwork going to delay the DPG album?

Daz: Nah, it ain’t really going to delay it that much. We are just working out the details, because nobody really knows who he is signed to. And Koch is trying to put out a Kurupt album, Against The Grain, so we are trying to figure out who is he signed to. So Snoop is overseeing the first DPG project?

Daz: Yeah, he is quarterbacking the whole deal. So what is he directly involved in? What is his responsibility?

Daz: Just putting it together, and his connections – what he do – lead us through there. Just really quarterbacking everything to get us in that position. We into the position, but we want to get deeper into the position. Are you producing the entire record?

Daz: Na, I ain’t producing none of the ones on the Snoop album.

Kurupt: Our [lyrical] chemistry together is just, so sick. But why aren’t you producing on Snoop’s DPG album?

Daz: There ain’t enough money involved in that, especially since its on Koch. I’m producing the one that I’m going to own. But this album on Koch is going through Doggystyle Records. So I don’t really dig Koch – f**k Koch. Snoop is doing the deal with them, so I’m going to do it, but it’s only a one album deal. So who is producing on it then?

Daz: S**t, Snoop is going to handle that, I don’t know who. I am just going to show up, do my part, and make it gangsta. But its going to be tight. I know we are going to have people like Battlecat, Terrance, DJ Pooh, motherf**kers like that. S**t, if they give me enough money, I’ll do two or three tracks on the album. But the ones I got already, I’m keeping for myself. But do you think it can really be a DPG album without you producing on it? Because I know fans are going to be disappointed after hearing that.

Daz: It all depends – they have to pick the album up and see. What’s good with that? Didn’t Snoop squash his beef with Suge?

Daz: He can squash it, but we are all individuals, so I still say, “F**k him.” That’s on them, I don’t hang with nobody. We are our own gang. But he ain’t nobody, so we really don’t got to talk about it. He ain’t getting paid off this. When is that dropping?

Daz: August 23rd – DPG Eulogy. I’m just out here in the South trying to keep it worldwide. I got my Mob Gospel compilation album I am putting out, which I produced. So I have been working , just putting projects out.