The 2011 Playback:’s Top Video Interview Moments of 2011


As one of the top Hip-Hop websites on the globe, is privileged to interview some of the premiere names in urban entertainment. But, at the end of the day, we know that rappers and industry folks are humans, too – and like humans, they do and say some crazy, zany stuff.

Read ahead and enjoy staff’s “Top Video Interview Moments of 2011” – jam packed with funnies, shockers, and OMG moments:

#10 The Game Proposes To His Girl And Lets Say “Awwwwww”

In October 2011, The Game showed up at an elementary school to pop the question to his girlfriend/baby mama to his two children, Tiffany.’s camera was there for an exclusive bird’s-eye view of the proposal. Watch the clip and feel the love:

#9 Smoke DZA and Seandra Share Doobies and Revelations in Harlem

Harlem MC Smoke DZA is heavily known for his affection for herbals. And, as’s Seandra Sims found out in August 2011, DZA can (and will) multi-task his habit during interviews. The “Kushed god” twists up the green and then finds out just how far his star has risen, right before the release of his album, Rolling Stoned:

#8 Diddy On Chuck’s Back Then Shouting Out Grouchy on 106th & Park

While this didn’t technically happen in 2011, it was within the last calendar (and we really like it, so we included it – what?). Bad Boy head honcho Diddy must have been drinking too many Red Bulls this day on 106th& Park, as he gives a super, super hype shout-out to AllHipHop co-founders Chuck “Jigsaw” Creekmur and Grouchy Greg. Hey, that’s just Diddy, so “take that, take that”:

**BONUS: This is almost as good as last year when Jay-Z gave us 10 shout-outs:

#7 Is The Cool Kid Who Knows All The Other Cool Kids

Sorry, haters. Over the years, has interviewed just about every major name in the rap industry, and made some fans and friends in the process. 2011 was no different, as we crossed the country (and the Internet), and collected shout-outs galore:

Southwest By Southwest Festival (Austin, Texas, March 2011)

2011 Rock The Bells Festival/Tour (New York City, September 2011)

2011 Site Relaunch (World Wide Web, October 2011)

#6 Dear Mama!!! Yes, The Outlawz DID Smoke Tupac’s Ashes!

The rumor has circulated for quite some time among the rap world that the late Tupac’s protégée group, The Outlawz, had done the unthinkable – smoke Shakur’s ashes. Some even said that his mother, Afeni Shakur, had given them permission, per her son’s wishes. That part wasn’t true, but watch the clip from September 2011, as they tell staffer, JP DelaCuesta, the real-real:

#5 Immortal Technique Likes Seandra But Will Have Other Chicks Thrown Down Stairs

Rapper Immortal Technique is respected worldwide for his brash, intelligent lyrics and militant views, but in September 2011 when Seandra asks why he seems so calm and charming in person, he has a surprising answer that involves…chick fights? Take a look:

#4 A$AP Rocky Tells JP He Will Smack The Sh*t Outta Who???

Harlem hot boy A$AP Rocky is known for throwing a temper tantrum from time to time…remember that little Fader Fort incident a while back? When JP interviewed him in October 2011, his frustration bubbled over at a certain Cali rap group member who had tweeted recklessly about him. Knuck if you buck, and watch the clip:

#3 A Dog Roams Free – DMX Lets Film Him Getting Out of Prison

The sad truth is, we’ve kinda gotten used to DMX being incarcerated. He’s been locked up at least once each year for the past decade. But, we have much love for the homie, so it was a celebration back in July 2011 when he gave our camera crews exclusive access to him leaving prison. Stay free, X!

#2 Chuck Helps Amber Rose Tell Kanye West To Let It Go

If it wasn’t already clear that Amber Rose had moved on from Kanye West by her yearlong love fest with Wiz Khalifa, she set the record straight during an interview with Chuck in November 2011. Just the day before, Kanye had freestyled an ex-lover’s lament at the “Watch The Throne” tour stop in Amber’s hometown of Philly. As this clip shows, uhhh, ‘Ye…no haps:

#1 Gina Is Unfazed By A High and Impatient Jim Jones

Dipset rapper Jim Jones has seen his star shine a little brighter with the success of VH1’s “Love & Hip Hop,” and his lady, Chrissy, has been right by his side. But in April 2011, when’s Gina Torres tries to ask him about Chrissy’s influence on his business decisions, oddly, Jim wasn’t having it. We’re still don’t know why, but it sure makes for good train wreck TV – just watch: