The Audible Doctor Aims to Keep Hip-Hop Honest and Fans Happy

The Audible Doctor creates success to being accessible and not hiding behind a character.

Whether he is producing for himself, his group or the industry at large, The Audible Doctor is always putting his signature of excellence down in the studio, but he’s finally finding his own path when it comes to his solo projects, and the result is dopeness.

The Audible Doctor has always been known to punish a verse and a beat on any given Brown Bag AllStars track. But since his debut as a solo emcee, he’s been able to find much more than just a bunch of hot beats inside of himself, at last, he’s found his own voice.

AllHipHop: Thanks so much for taking a few moments out for us sir, let’s just get right to it! You have been working a whole lot! Can you tell us what new challenges you have been taking on since we last spoke with you?

Audible Doctor: Of course! Thank you for reaching out. Yeah I’ve definitely been staying busy, I was doing a lot last year and I haven’t slowed down at all, I’m trying to focus on more full projects this year. I have a lot of collabo projects in the works as well as a few solo projects slated for this year so there’s a lot more on the way.

AHH: Busy? You’ve been beasting in the last year! You’ve worked on music with your group the Brown Bag AllStars, doing solo projects and producing for so many different artists. Which part of all of that work has taught you the most about yourself as an artist?

A.D.: I think my solo projects have taught me the most. It’s easy to produce for other artists and when working with my group there are people to bounce ideas off of and there are deadlines to be met so it’s easier to keep on track. When I’m working on a solo project it’s much harder to stay focused, most of my projects evolve and change dramatically from start to finish because there’s nobody to keep me in check and stop me from changing my mind every 5 seconds (laughs). I’ve also learned that I’m a HORRIBLE procrastinator when it comes to my solo work. Most of my projects aren’t finished or finalized until the absolute last minute. I’ve actually written, recorded and mixed songs for a project the morning that it drops. I guess it’s working so far (laughs).

AHH: You have a new project out, talk to us about this new music a bit. What inspired it, and who is a part of it? Will you be touring in support of it?

AudibleDoctorA.D.: The newest project I’m working on is Audimatic, it’s myself rapping and Maticulous producing everything. It’s interesting because it’s the first project that I’ve just rapped on and not handled any of the production. So far we’ve dropped a single and a few leaks, we have an EP and another single on the way before we drop the full length later this year. It’s dope because I’ve known Maticulous for years and we’ve been talking about doing a project for a while but we’re just now finally getting our sh*t together (laughs). We have a few places lined up to book us so hopefully we’ll be able set up a small tour to support the project.

AHH: Okay, we’ll definitely keep an eye open for that. Now, would you say there’s a specific message that you hope your music reflects to the listeners?

A.D.: I really just want to make genuine and honest music. I really love hip hop and I’m trying to make music that reflects that. There’s a lot going on in the industry right now and I’m hoping if I continue to make pure honest music the fans will continue to support. That seems to be the case so far at least (laughs).

AHH: (Laughs) Understood. What is one thing the fans don’t know about you that you wish they did?

A.D.: How much I truly appreciate and value my fans. I try to show the world everything, I don’t believe in building a wall between myself and my fans to uphold a certain image like a lot of artists do. I feel like that prevents people from being able to connect with the music in a genuine way. I just hope they know how much I appreciate them.

AHH: Wow, well hopefully now they will know! (laughter)  Can you give us 5 words that describe you as an artist?

A.D.: Passionate, Chaotic, Hungry, Inspired and Procrastinative, I made that last one up (laughs).

AHH: Um yes sir, you sure did! But don’t trip if you see it again cause I like it! (laughs) Alright Audible, what’s in the pipeline for you at the moment? Who are you working with and what can we expect?

A.D.: At the moment I have 9 million projects in the works (laughs). I’m wrapping up the Audimatic EP and single, I’m working on a full length with ED O.G., a full length with John Robinson, the second installment of my seasons series “The Summer Tape”, the Brown Bag AllStars debut album, and there’s another big project in the works that I can’t mention yet because we’re working out the label situation, but there’s a whole lot on the way.

AHH: Wow, so in other words we’ll definitely be hearing from you soon! Please tell the people how they can keep up with you.

A.D.: You can keep up with all my new releases on my site, or you can always holler at me on twitter @AudibleDoctor or Or if you wanna email me just holler at I’m always interested in feedback!

Nice! Thanks Again to Audible Doctor, be on the look out for his new projects dropping soon to speakers near you.