The Game: Joe Budden

Game tells his side of the story behind the beef with Joe Budden. Read on. Let’s just talk about the whole beef situation and how it started. You know Joe has already kind of said what he felt how it started but, what’s your view on how it started? Game: Everybody wants to know […]

Game tells his side of the story behind the beef

with Joe Budden. Read on. Let’s just talk about the

whole beef situation and how it started. You know Joe has already kind of said

what he felt how it started but, what’s your view on how it started?

Game: Everybody wants to know how it started,

right? It started with me and Stack Bundles, who I knew and respected as a young

emcee like myself way back before we had deals – on the mixtape circuit. I was

doing my thing early before the Aftermath thing. Clue came to me one time when

I was out here [in New York] and said, “Can you come out here to do a freestyle?”

I’m still trying to finish this album, I’m up-and-coming So I’m

like whatever. Stack is in the studio and I’m like “Yeah that’s

my n*gga, I f*ck with Stack Bundles.” I’m in the studio we get in

and we do the freestyle mix. Me and Stack Bundles, and that’s a wrap. Whatever

and I’m thinking just me and Stack Bundles on the song. And like a month

or two pass and it’s the All Star Game out in L.A. We outside at the W

[hotel], me and my entourage and it’s Fab and a couple celebrities like

[basketball player] Sam Casselle. Joe Budden’s out there and he comes up to

me to shake my hand but like its like almost like it’s a different handshake.

It’s like he’s thinking in his mind “Did Game hear me say that

fly s### on this [Clue] tape?” So he shaking my hand kind of phony. I didn’t

really pay no attention to it I’m like “I don’t know maybe he

just a little weird.”

So while Clue is passing out the mix CDs which

I’m on, we take it everything is going on it’s All Star, so you put

it in your back pocket whatever. So that s### passed over and everybody went

back home. All Star was over. I’m working out in the 24 hour fitness two

weeks after the All Star Game. 50 called me while I was working out in the gym

asking me “Did I do a song with Joe Budden?” And I’m like “Hell

no.” I wouldn’t do no song with Joe Budden that’s like not even

my genre of rap. I’m a gangster rapper, more like a lyricist and I mix

that with my gangster s###. I’m an emcee. Joe Budden is like a rapper.

Like I don’t mean to call out names but I don’t even give a f*ck.

Like Chingy and Ludacris those are rappers. You wouldn’t classify those

as “Aw he got ill lyrics like Biggie and Pac.” Like these are rappers.

Like Busy Bee was a rapper. And Kool Moe Dee is more like a lyricist. So that’s

the way that I separate myself from different categories and sh*t.

So anyway I tell 50, ‘No, I ain’t did

no song with Joe Budden.” 50 like "Yeah you did do a song with Joe

Budden. It’s on the Clue Mixtape. Joe Budden is on the third verse and

he taking shots at G-Unit in the song.” 50 expressed to me that like, he

didn’t think it was a good look. I’m agreeing like "n*gga you

right. It ain’t a f*cking good look but I ain’t heard it." So

I tell 50 I’m a call him back. I go downstairs to my truck and I pop the

CD in and then sure enough this n*gga is taking subliminal shots. I can understand

if you got beef with somebody [like 50], if you got beef with that man

call that man out if that’s who you got beef with or if its them. All you

got to do is call them out and they going to come answer. I understand the competitive

nature of Hip Hop, of battling and rhyming. But he didn’t do that. And

I kind of felt like he disrespected me in the sense that he knew when Clue said

I got this song, he looked at it like Game do business with G-Unit. Game is

the newest member of G-Unit and he on the song with somebody from Desert Storm

and I can come on here and I can certify myself by taking shots at G-Unit. I

will look bigger because Game is on the song. Right.

GAME: The public doesn’t know how you can

just throw a n*gga on a song. They think we were all there and we did it. To

the public eye, it looks like I did a song with Joe Budden and condoned him

dissin’ G-Unit, which I don’t. I sat down for like a day, a day and

a half. I thought about what I should do. I talked to Jimmy [his manager Jimmy

Henchman] about it. Everybody agreed that he took a shot. In that, there was

no defending the fact that I had to come back at him. That’s what I did. Joe said that people in your camp

got calls from people in his camp to make sure there was no beef. If I am correct,

he said this happened before All-Star weekend.

GAME: No, that is false. That’s 300% false.

The calls were made because we didn’t want to over-judge the situation

and really end this dude’s career when we didn’t have to. Basically,

we were trying to save him. It didn’t end up that way. I know Joe Budden

as an emcee that likes to take subliminal shots. He did it with Jay-Z. He did

it with 50 Cent. He did it with G-Unit and he’s just that type of emcee.

You don’t do that and just jumping on a song – that was phony. I lost

a lot of respect for him. I did have respect for him. He’s a young Black

rapper coming up in the game – whether he sold five records or 300,000 like

he did – I still respected him as a Black man trying to better his life.

He lost that respect when he did what he did. I feel like he a coward. He made

the response to my record like he a real street n*gga when he really just a

punk. He started it. I want everybody to know that I didn’t start this.

My hand was forced. He said he felt that with you

on the track, it basically was saying that it wasn’t a diss for the fact

that you were on the record. He said he wouldn’t diss you with you on the

same song. Does that make sense, what I am saying?

GAME: To e that could make sense if it came from

anybody but this fool. He is known for taking subliminal shots. He used the

G-Unit video to cover up his diss for 50. He did it on a song with me so I automatically

had to respond. He said that he had deaded the

beef with 50 a while ago so there wasn’t a situation there.

GAME: I hear all that, but even if he deaded

the beef with 50 and he said "I’m sorry" or whatever he did to

squash it, he still took a shot at G-Unit, my team and business partners with

me on the song. That was a total disrespect. On the radio, he said if it was

reversed would he do [the same thing I did]. He said, “I would think about

doing the same thing Game did.” It’s like copping a plea, but whatever.

His career was over from the beginning of the beef. Did 50 Cent put a battery in your

back and tell you to roll on him?

GAME: Me and 50 never discussed until the day

that Joe Buddens dissed me on that song. 50 came at me and said, “Did you

do a song with Joe Budden.” He was just implying that maybe I should listen

to it. Anybody that knows me, knows you can’t put a battery in my back

for sh*t. At the end of the day, I’m living for me. If I wake up and I

don’t feel like going in the studio, I’m not going. I don’t care

who say go. At the end of the day, I got to sit in a corner and die by myself.

I’m a leader and never a follower. But a battery in my back? That sounds

foolish. I think that they put a battery in his back like, “n*gga, you

better get at Game, you soft coward. You better say something.” The only

thing he could do was reply. The sh*t was wack anyway. On the other side, we’ve

lost a lot of our favorite artists. You are on the rise and Joe has a lot of

fans too. Can we keep this on wax or is it going to lead to something else?

GAME: At this point, I would say that, for the

most part, everybody in the world knows that Joe is not that type of dude. So,

to harm him or to bring any type of street antics on his side would be to belittle

myself because he’s not even that type of dude. So, why even give this

dude just do. Its like RuPaul dissing Shaq and Shaq wants to put money on RuPaul’s

head – why? You know he’s a f##### and he might be mad at himself

for being the type of n*gga that he is. And I use the RuPaul to Shaq [comparison]

because I am up-and-coming and come in the game so I can beast it and I used

that because he’s a feminine guy. Used to be a go-go dancer. We discovered

that. He used to sing in a group with songs like “Butter Love” and

sh*t like that. He was doing the pelvic thrust. His new name is Go Go Buddens. Is it true that you invited him

to the radio station?

GAME: Yeah, he said, “I’m not coming,

because I’m a scary b*tch.” His diss record, I took it serious. He

mentioned my manager’s name. I got on the next plane smoking like, “I’m

here.” I knew if anything, New York was going to be like "this n*gga

Game is serious." He didn’t want to come to the station and embarrass

himself. He don’t want them type of problems. I’m the next n*gga to

blow. He tried to use me. I heard he changed the lyrics

like the reference to Jimmy Iovine, I think.

GAME: No, he was talking about Henchmen. Oh, I didn’t even realize


GAME: He was talking some real slick sh*t. He

changed the lyrics but it’s too late for that. We heard the real version,

live uncut. We heard how you really felt. The first thing you say is how you

feel. Then you get to analyze your sh*t. That’s why I don’t let just

anything come out my mouth if that’s not how I really feel or my heart

is set on. My heart was set on “f*ck Joe Buddens.” It whatever you

want it to be. Earlier you mentioned you have

a son, how is that?

GAME: My son, he’s eight months old in April. Oh, that’s what’s up.

GAME: This lil’ n*gga man…I don’t

want no problems just like with this Joe Buddens beef man. I didn’t want

it to get out of hand, because the type of n*gga I am and I know the type of

n*gga he is. I don’t want n*ggas in L.A. or people in my camp to think

its bigger than that, because if it gets out of my hands, somebody might do

something to him… Who are they going to point the finger at? Me. I try

to stop the sh*t. They didn’t want to pick up the phone. They wanted to

act like they were big and bad and almighty. So I did the record.

With my son, I’m living for somebody and

it’s not me. So I am never in selfish mode. I’m grinding. The reason

I do this sh*t is I have a son to feed. This is the only way that I feel I can

secure my family’s future without dying. I was never a rapper from the

beginning. I guess this is what God bestowed on me. I thank God I don’t

have to be out here robbing, stealing and killing, drug dealing no more.