The Game: One Man Riot Part 2

What’s new with The Game? Well, in his quest to dominate, the Compton rapper has started to produce Hip-Hop tracks under the tutelage of Scott Storch and J.R. Rotem. He’s squashed an old, rusty beef with Ja Rule and created new alliances with the likes of Will.I.Am of the Black Eyed Peas. Doctor’s Advocate, the […]

What’s new with The Game? Well, in his quest to dominate, the Compton rapper has started to produce Hip-Hop tracks under the tutelage of Scott Storch and J.R. Rotem. He’s squashed an old, rusty beef with Ja Rule and created new alliances with the likes of Will.I.Am of the Black Eyed Peas. Doctor’s Advocate, the new album, is the latest creation from Game, who is always a spirited personality. What isn’t novel is the persistent, seemingly necessary beefs that continue to infatuate the public and the parties involved. The Game reveals, with candor, why he can walk the trodden terrain and the dissimilar path at the same time. Read about it all below in Part Two of The Game: One Man Riot. Are you done dissing G-Unit? You have dropped so many freestyles going at them like “SoundScan” and over Jay-Z’s “Show ‘Em Whatcha Got” beat.

The Game: [“SoundScan”] is because that n***a [Lloyd] Banks went on Rap City and said something slick and didn’t think I caught it. So, I wanted to humiliate them n***as one more time. It’s a forever-burning flame. It can be a forest-fire or you can just let the flame burn [out]. When people look at the flame, they know that that’s that beef. As long as them n***as add wood to the fire, I’ma throw wood in too and that fire can keep on burning. I’m not getting the bad end of the muthaf**kin’ stick. Them n***as is f**ked up in the game.

Everybody keeps saying that its dead and that they are tired of the beef, but they really not. N***as, the media and fans keep igniting that s**t and keep wanting to see and hear n***as on that s###. Until we all say we’re tired of it, I guess it will never end. On my end, I’m going to defend myself for as long as I have a life or a voice in this s**t. You deaded your beef with Murder Inc. Are you going to sign Ja Rule or work with Murder Inc.?

The Game: I been talking to Ja, I been talking to Irv [Gotti] about doing some things musicall,y and we’re really gonna surprise n***as. Me and them squashed our beef and I got a lotta love for Irv and Ja, and I think Ja still got life in his s**t. You gonna see something real soon. There’s room in this for everybody and that’s why Hip-Hop is globally humongous. Ja Rule was potent and I think 50 came in and made a mockery of what Murder Inc was trying to do when really there wasn’t nothing wrong with it, because 50 came and did the same thing. Once people go back and say “Why did I really hate Ja Rule again?” then n***as are gonna flip-flop again and appreciate what the n***a did for Hip-Hop. I don’t even remember why I stopped f**king with Ja. Actually, I do. 50 made that s**t funny to us. 50 did it, and I don’t think people noticed it until I exposed the n***a. Like I said, Its Hip-Hop, there is only one number one slot and we’re all trying to get to it. Now, speaking of disses, Ras Kass’ second diss was pretty good. What did you feel about it.

The Game: Man, Ras Kass is garbage. Tell that n***a to drop an album. I’m not worried about Ras Kass dissin’ me, because I will beat that n***a’s ass every time I see him for the rest of his life. He can drop those disses from that Wizard of Oz curtain, but when that yellow brick wall starts crackin’ up, that n***a better run. You didn’t think it was good enough to respond to?

The Game: Nah, man. Your girlfriend probably don’t even know who Ras Kass is, so why should I respond? Go ask one of them little elementary n***as in fourth grade who Ras Kass is, they gonna say “Who?” They gonna think its a muthaf**kin’ toy. They know who Game is, they know who Jay is, they know who 50 is and Eminem and all the people who they are supposed to know who exists. My son is three and a half years old and he knows who Jibbs is. He doesn’t know who Ras Kass is. Ras Kass is a f***in’ b***h and I’ma break his jaw every time I see him, forever. A lot of your personal life has leaked out like the prom pictures and stuff like that. How do you feel about that?

The Game: I don’t care about that s**t man. That’s me. I don’t run from none of that s**t. I was at the prom, happy as a muthaf**ka. Smiling, because I was having fun and I got some p***y after the prom with my girl. I don’t care if that s**t leak out, it’s no leak. Them s**ts are in my house on display for n***as to see all day. That’s my life, man. I am who I am: Jayceon Terrell Taylor.

That Change of Heart s**t, that was me. I was trying to get on there, get some p***y, make some money, man. That’s me. I’ve been a hustler my whole life, man. Hustler/gangbanger/entrepreneur/survivor, man. I am who I am. N***as can’t use that against me. N***as try but it don’t work, because that’s me. I’m not running from that s**t. I love it. And when they see me, they don’t say that it. Its all hand shakes and hugs, because the man that I have become will tear these n***as in half. I’m a animal out here on these n***as. Its not a n***a in Hip-Hop that can do nothing about me and n***as know it. That’s why they bow down and shut the f**k up. I’m running this at this point. I done worked hard to get here and I’m holding my spot. Just like the rest of these n***as that think they can hold they spot. I’m a force to be reckoned with, whether n***as admit it or not. N***as cannot f**k with me and that’s why they don’t. Well, it seems you are demonstrating that right now.

The Game: At the end of the day, the music speaks for everything. Its not like I’m talking s**t and I don’t got the music to back it up. N***a, it’s there. That’s a good point. On the Ill Community, they were talking about one of our columnists, illseed, giving you props for your music. They called him a bunch of stuff, and started dissing you for all of these things unrelated to your music. Me, I don’t really care that you went to the prom and were happy.

The Game: N***a, if you go to the prom and you’re mad, you’re an idiot. Who is mean-mugging at the prom? I don’t understand that s**t. And, [those pictures] weren’t even the prom. That was some winter formal s**t. My prom pictures ain’t even leak. You might get a bigger smile on them muthaf***as. What n***a at 16 or 17 wasn’t happy to go to the prom? N***a you was at the mall getting your suit, getting your hair sharp and all that. We all did that. You’re right, but most people’s life doesn’t become on full display.

The Game: That’s what I’m saying. I’m the biggest n***a and they’re trying to tear away at who I am. Like, that’s me. I’m the prom picture, the n***a with the smile, the tighty whites, all that. And after the prom, I still went home, f***ed my girl and the next day I was still a member of Cedar Block Piru [a faction of the Bloods gang]. You ain’t see no n***as come out – no gang bangers, from Compton, no Bloods, the West Coast – and say that I’m not who I am. N***as know what’s up – I’m Game. I done put my work in on the streets, I’ve sold drugs. They know what it is with me. N***as know who my family is, where we come from. I come from a family of gangbangers -from my pops to my grand father to my uncle. I got dead brothers that took hella bullets to the chest. I had a brother take a bullet in the arm and it came out the side of his f***kin’ head, n***a. N***as can’t tell me nothin’ about no street s**t. I done sold more drugs to more zombies than any n***a I know. Ask me about a triple beam and how much anything weigh and I’ll answer a n***a in two seconds.

Man, I been there and done that. I almost lost my life selling drugs. That s**t ain’t cool. That’s not what I wanted to do. I was just making the best of my situation. That she ain’t cool for nobody. And, if you selling drugs in this day and age, you wrapped up. They putting your ass behind bars and nobody wants to be there, especially these n***as talking s**t. ‘Cause they gonna get f***ed. They gonna be running around like somebody b****ed them. So, they better try to get a job and do something with their life before n***as get f**ked up. I’m just keeping it 100. A lot of kids only hear one side of the message, not this side.

The Game: Yeah, and I can’t knock on every n***a’s door and give them a 40-minute interview and answer all their questions. I just can’t do that. It’s impossible. You making up with cats. What about Joe Budden? You guys were on the same path at one point. You were the young, hungry West coast lyricist and he was the East Coast one. Ever think about repairing that since you are repairing beefs?

The Game: Nope. Why not? He’s definitely one of the best MC’s out right now.

The Game: Joe Budden, he don’t got no life in Hip-Hop no more. Nobody wants to hear no Joe Budden. If they did, I might think about it. He just doing what he doing. The b***es ain’t concerned and neither are the n***as. Are you doing beats now?

The Game: Hell yeah, I been studying under Dr. Dre for like five years now. And I’m good. You about to hear some s**t. I been working with Scott Storch and J.R. Rotem and these n***as have been helping me perfect my craft, man. You about to see the same thing happen for me. You about to see n***as pay $100,000 for them Game beats in a minute. You worked with Will.I.Am of the Black Eyed Peas on here too. People don’t like to give him credit, but he’s done a lot of good work.

The Game: I have to admit, I was one of those people like , “I don’t know about Will.I.Am. This n***a do Black Eyed Peas.” I remember Will.I.Am when his name was Will 1 X and he was signed to Eazy and Ruthless. I didn’t know that he still had that in him. This n***a played me [the beat to “Compton”] and I smashed it. Don’t sleep on Will.I.Am. That n***a is one of the dopest producers in Hip-Hop. The other s**t that he’s been doing for Bone and other rappers… Any last word on the album?

The Game: F**k the world. November 14.