The Game: Prepare For Impact

The Game approaches the runway again and the Compton rapper is certainly ready for lift off with his new album, The R.E.D. Album. Game, always a contentious person, explains a few recent happenings in his life, namely a drunken freestyle, Detox and the 411 on his new album. What was behind that drunken freestyle? […]

The Game approaches the runway again and the Compton rapper is certainly ready for lift off with his new album, The R.E.D. Album. Game, always a contentious person, explains a few recent happenings in his life, namely a drunken freestyle, Detox and the 411 on his new album. What was behind that drunken freestyle? You mentioned Wayne, Jim Jones, Gucci Mane and Suge Knight. Were these intentional mentions?

The Game: Number, 1 I was in the club. Number 2, you noticed the lights was on and we all know when the lights come on in the club, what time is it? It’s closing time. I was intoxicated, man, well over the drinking limit and I was just doing a freestyle for the people. People always try to act like California cats can’t freestyle and I am one of them cats that’s the exception to that rule. I get it in. So none of it was personal?Game: As far as the Lil Wayne stuff and Gucci and Jim Jones. I am from Compton, California. We all know where gang bangin’ started, especially the crips and the bloods. I am a blood. I am a world renowned blood, I’m from West side, Cider Block Piru. Before me it was DJ Quik and Mack 10, but nobody took it as far as I took it. I been around the world with it. I got white kids in Wisconsin rocking Cincinnati Reds hats and wearing rags. Not that they’re gang banging, but I’m saying it turned into a trend. I wasn’t calling them fake bloods or anything. But just in case it got taken out of context, I talked to Baby and I hollered at Lil Wayne just to make sure they didn’t take it the wrong way and they didn’t. I reached out to Jones, and then Gucci is locked up, but that’s like one of my brothers in Hip-Hop, so they know what’s up. What about the Suge Knight reference? Game: I always been at odds with Suge, because Suge was the first dude I took my demo to and at that time he had Crooked I and Eastwood doing the Death Row thing. And ever since Pac and Snoop and Dre was all on Death Row, I felt that’s where I needed to be, because that’s where my role models were. Those were the n***as I looked up to growing up outside of Eazy-E. I was always bitter and mad at Suge for not signing me to Death Row, which was probably a blessing in disguise because I ended up signing with Dr. Dre.

The Game raps at a recent celebration for Snoop Dogg. (Click here for the full videos and picture) So you apologized to everyone, Baby and Wayne? Game: I don’t apologize for s**t, all I did was a freestyle. If anybody takes it to the heart like they gotta do something about it, then just do that. Because I’m not hiding behind no trash cans for nobody. But it was just a freestyle, not to be taken personal. Everyone has been asking me about it, but I feel like you are going to set the record So where do you stand with 50? You didn’t diss him in the freestyle.Game: Damn, did I say something about everyone but 50? F**k. I am almost done with 50 Cent shots, I mean at this point, he is shooting himself. I mean for a guy to sell 10 million records his first time out and then to come back out and do 160,000 in the first week three albums later is a catastrophe. I really feel for him at this point. If he needs my help, then I will help him out and say his name a couple more times to help him float. I really feel bad about his first week, and I just want him to feel better about himself. Tell 50, there’s always the next You’ve got a lot of fish to fry, 2010 is looking to be a big year for you. A lot of people are anticipating the R.E.D. Album. Game: I don’t want to give yall a bunch of bulls**t and lead yall to hear all this garbage s**t that’s going around, not to say anybody’s name. A lot of people are hating on the little Jerk movement going around. I equate that to me liking Kris Kross and Another Bad Creation when I was young. And Drake is a breath of fresh air for everybody, he’s cool, clean and he aint got no drama or beef. The chicks love him, the n***as support him and I encourage everyone who buys my album to buy his. But yo, the R.E.D. album? Nothing short of incredible. I never felt this good. And I’m not saying that because it’s my album. I’m not saying it because it’s my album and I have to promote it. If nobody don’t wanna buy my s**t, just leave it in the stores. I’m solidified in Hip-Hop. I aint got nothing else to prove, I beat the sophomore jinx, I’m on my fourth album. I felt like all my albums were classics in their own right. My favorite was The Doctors Advocate. But this R.E.D. album, it aint nothing to play with man. So you are reunited with Dre and I heard you are working with Pharrell on this album as well. Game: Been in with Dre, and I been in the studio the last two weeks with Pharrell. I never had no idea that me and Pharrell would bond and click this well musically in the studio. That dude is amazing, I got whole ‘nother respect for him. He is now my favorite producer in the world and also a friend of mine. R.E.D. album, classic. Are you excited to be working with DJ Premier on the R.E.D. Album? Isn’t this your first collaboration with him? Game: Man, I am going to do everything that I can to be Nas, KRS-One, Jay-Z, DMX, Ja Rule, Tupac, Biggie, all on one beat. I gotta make the best of that motherf**ker or I’m not putting it on the album. I can’t wait to get in with Premier. I got a track from RZA on the album too. All these iconic producers, Kayne, too. All these n***as that are musical geniuses as far as production goes, are incorporated on the R.E.D. Album. So what can fans expect out of this album?

Game: The R.E.D. album is completely raw, hood. Aint s**t nice or nothing cute about it. That’s about it. I been working with Cool & Dre, Drumma Boy, Knots, Just Blaze. You just told me that you have done it all. With this album, you have talent and producers. What’s your mission with this album in light of everything you have accomplished? Game: S**t, you got me thinking about what I am trying to accomplish. Me, I am just trying to feed my family and remain potent in Hip-Hop. I know the caliber emcee that I am and I know for a fact I am needed in Hip-Hop. I am one of the few cats left that really cares about the essence of Hip-Hop. I can’t disrespect the colorful hip-hop or the “drake” era, so I have to blend into what Hip-Hop has elevated to, but I have to stay true to my roots. It’s longevity with me. I have a whole new motivation. I love music and I love where its going. Other than the producers and rhymes, what makes this album different from your previous three?Game: Well, this album I was able to do exactly what I wanted, without having my mind infested by beef or drama, or listening to my label’s input. This album is Game giving it to Interscope and them putting it on the shelf. It’s 100% me, what I want to do, and what I think Hip-Hop should sound like. R.E.D. is short for rededicated. When you hear the album you are going to know it. You’ve done your time with Dre and Pharrell. What’s the difference working with them?Game: After going damn near 10 times platinum, man when you are in with Dre, you still feel like you haven’t sold one record in your f**king life. Here’s a guy who has been around for 20 plus years. What the f**k has Dre touched that hasn’t been hot. Every artist he has molded has become a super f**king icon. I still get star struck. We’ve been in a hundred times too but to see dude work is crazy. Dre don’t got to be in the studio with nobody. He made more money off the [Beats By Dre] earphones than he ever made in Hip-Hop and he was already worth almost $600 million before he did the earphones. He needs to go eat lunch with Oprah and figure out what we are going to do with black people. That’s the kind of money they getting man. And Pharrell? Game: Dr. Dre, Quincy Jones are the best producers in the world and Pharrell is in that mold. I think they all had a commercial together too. Some beer commercial. Pharrell is different. We get in and worked fast. We did like nine songs in like a day and a half man. You gotta make room though, because Pharrell be dancing around the studio. If you’re going to work with Pharrell, you gotta get a big studio cause my man got moves. You would think that Game is hard and Pharrell is commercial and that’s what I thought, until now. But working with that dude has been a blessing. Him advising about my career. I listen to him. We formed an alliance and I appreciate his opinion. As of late, Ludacris has been in my ear, telling me to slow down because I wildin. Luda told me to push my album back and he didn’t want to see me set myself up with no promotion. So thanks to my n***a Luda, we are locked in for February 16. There was talks of you releasing mixtapes before the album. Are they still coming out?Game: The mixtapes are coming out real soon. I just got DJ Drama what he needed for the first one. But between the kids, trying to finish the album, my community service and spot dates, I just gotta figure out a way to do it. I have a lot of responsibilities and still service the people. But four mixtapes are going to come out and we are going to rock with those. Drama, DJ Haze, DJ Skee, New Jersey Devil and Ill Will. But label’s give release dates. Mixtapes come out when you put them out. Me and Drama’s should drop before Christmas. Are you going to be on Detox?Game: I helped with about three tracks. Knowing Dre, he will probably use one or none and call me and ask me to come back in and work on three more. He always second guessing himself, but man, you can’t tell the good Doctor what to do. He knows best. Detox is a baby that’s in the womb and it’s going to be there for awhile (laughs). We gonna have to do a cesarean to get Detox out this cat man.