The Girll Codee Sets A New Standard For East Coast Rap

The Girll Codee

The Girll Codee is in beast right now, but you have to see for yourself. Check out their new songs and our exclusive interview with ShaaBiggaa and Hiii Siddity.

The Girll Codee is here! Get ready! These two young ladies, which come from Brooklyn New York, are on a pathway to revolution.

But ShaaBiggaa and Hiii Siddity’s revolution is not the bloody type. This is more of a cultural revolution, whether or not they believe it. They are representing that there are differences in how Hip-Hop can present itself, wholly real and completely authentic.

The New York rap scene has always produced artists who have pushed the culture forward with talent. Recently the buzz around the industry is for the new crop of artists emerging from the city that never sleeps.

They represent a return to fun, paryting, humor and honesty. And then there are the bars. They are lyricists that are clearly serious about the craft, but don’t take themselves too seriously. The Brooklyn tag team have been creating a path for themselves with their high energy. The duo also have the numbers to back up their talent. Their songs “El-Bonics” and “Woah” have millions of views throughout social media, and they love to feed the streets with freestyles over beats in homage to NY legends such as The Lox and Mobb Deep.

Chopping it up with our correspondent Slops, Girll Codee breaks down what it’s like to be from New York, the reception they’ve received from fans, who are some of their favorite artists, and the plans for themselves in the future. 

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