Three Questions With Bam Bino


(AllHipHop Features) No one can deny Brooklyn’s long history in Hip Hop, and the New York City borough is not done producing more rap talent. Newcomer Bam Bino is on pace to be the latest BK rhymer to expand his brand beyond NYC.

It was the untimely death of a music-loving friend that inspired Bino to try is hand at rapping. Then in 2015, the Flee Team Entertainment representative fully accepted his turn toward being a recording artist.

He adopted his stage moniker as a mixture of a childhood nickname (“Bam”) and an homage to baseball legend Babe Ruth (“The Great Bambino”). “He had hits,” says Bam Bino about the New York Yankees Hall of Famer.

Hits are something the 18-year-old up-and-comer is working hard to create for himself. Even though New York radio has yet to embrace him, Bam’s video for “Allergic To Cuffin” with Bukkz Balla has already collected over 2 million views on YouTube.

Last month saw the arrival of Bino’s Top Notch which featured production by Heatmakerz, Black Metaphor, Mando Beats, and others. As of press time, the tracks on the mixtape have a combined total of over 200,000 Soundcloud plays.

“I grew up around negative energy, but I don’t promote it,” explains the Brownsville resident. “My new mixtape Top Notch is diverse, but I let people know how real it is where I’m from and I try to paint a picture for people who’s not from the hood to let it be known it’s not a game here.”

Discover more about Bam Bino in’s “Three Questions” interview series.

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What’s the deal with your differences with [Chicago rapper] 600Breezy?

Nothing at all. We had a little difference a few months back, but that was because of a fake page. We have no problems. Shout out to him.

On “Ville Sh-t 3,” you say “top 3 when you mention New York.” Who would you name as the Top 5 rappers in New York City right now?

Me, Young M.A, A Boogie, Desiigner, Curly Savv, and a few more. I f-ck with the music heavy. We all put on for the city. It’s many more I bump, but I can only pick five.

You have a song titled “Allergic To Cuffin.” What would be your best recommendation for someone that’s also dealing with that allergy?

F-ck love. [laughs] Focus on you. If you can’t find someone, they’re gonna come your way.

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Stream Bam Bino’s Top Notch below.