Trick Daddy: Super Ugly

With Rick Ross being the one to “blow” up Miami as of late, a certain label colleague probably left some wondering if he indeed slipped into obscurity. Trick Daddy fans need not worry though, because Trick hasn’t been sitting idle – even though he won’t say he’s been busy either. Perhaps that’s just thug code, […]

With Rick Ross being the one to “blow” up Miami as of late, a certain label colleague probably left some wondering if he indeed slipped into obscurity. Trick Daddy fans need not worry though, because Trick hasn’t been sitting idle – even though he won’t say he’s been busy either. Perhaps that’s just thug code, though.

Staying true to musical form is what Trick’s about, and suffice it to say, his upcoming album won’t be too surprising to people that know the Miami-Dade County’s grimiest rapper’s antics. What else can you call an album titled Back by Thug Demand? In between taking credit for putting Young Jeezy on first, Trick Daddy talks about his favorite childhood television shows, and why he’s regulating what his kids do on the computer. One thing’s for sure, they better be up on AllHipHop. After all, like Trick, we are kid-friendly. What’s going on, man?

Trick Daddy: Ain’t nothing man, doing my thug thizzle. So take me to your new album that you got dropping right around the corner in time for Christmas…

Trick Daddy: Well, it’s all Trick Daddy, all street, all gutta, all hood s**t. Ain’t none of that pretty s**t from last year, from last album. And I liked my last album. How’s this one going to be different?

Trick Daddy: ‘Cuz I’m an ugly ass n***a. Damn, man, I am over here in L.A. We got pretty things going on over here – it is got to be that way in Miami.

Trick Daddy: Pretty s**t ain’t gonna sell out there in L.A. I like that ugly s**t, that E-40 s**t. That’s what I ride to. I’m tired of that pretty laid back s**t, I’m tired of n***as trying get radio play, to crossover, ‘cause it’s hurting Hip-Hop. How would you compare a thug in ’96 to a thug in ’06?

Trick Daddy: Thug in ’96, a n***a was still facing enough time to still be locked up in ’06. What about another coincidence, ’96 was the year that ‘Pac died. Here we are in 2006, how are things different?

Trick Daddy: Any kind of n***as ended up on videos, on radio. Any kind of record gets played on the radio. Even my s**t, if my s**t’s not good, I don’t think they should play it. Have you been traveling much?

Trick Daddy: Nah, I ain’t really been doing s**t. I’ve just been doing my thug thizzle. I’m a Dade-for-Dade n***a, man, I get paid every two weeks. Between all my problems and my past, my friends and the environment that I surround myself in – which is the same environment that still got me here that made me what I am – I don’t regret none of the s**t I do. But between that, my bills, my troubles, I’m a Dade-for-Dade, chick-for-chick ass n***a. So when I’m gone, ain’t going to be nothing split up. I want you to check out whatever wills they put up on the screen, you make sure they put aside two or three dollars so they can put me away, ‘cause I’m spending all mines now. Damn, you sound like Young Buck right now, when I interviewed him, you guys are like the same person in many ways man. What do you think about that dude?

Trick Daddy: Yeah, I love that n***a, man. That n***a got a song on my album that you gonna love, whenever you listen to it. [It’s] called “Straight Up” too. The hook is “I’ve been thuggin’ all my life trying to live right/ you ain’t even gotta ask/ I got this Hen in my cup, smoke in my lungs, n***a what you know about that?” What about other artists down there? Rick Ross blowing up Def Jam-style, Dre’s got “Be Somebody” killing it…

Trick Daddy: Miami is getting internationally known now. We’re getting the respect, the love that we’re supposed to get. I don’t know what it is, but I know one thing: there’s a lot of high-rises that’s worth millions and hundreds of millions of dollars and there’s a lot of nice cars, a lot of big body Benzes and Phantoms down there for sale and they ain’t bringing that s**t down there for nothing. There is money to be made, and Miami n***as want in. I know nobody think they are coming to my city trying to get nothing. If you don’t give – we will take. Like that, huh? So there’s no middle class?

Trick Daddy: There ain’t no middle class, you know how that s**t go, man. We be the most expensive city in the state of Florida, and probably in the top five in the world place to live. You’re dealing with city, county, and state taxes, and it gets very high. Your first album, Based on a True Story. Can you talk about that for a sec, because I didn’t see it anywhere else?

Trick Daddy: That was the album we did initially with Warlock [Records]. How long ago was that?

Trick Daddy: S**t, that was ’96, that was the year that ‘Pac died. Are you a changed man since then?

Trick Daddy: I don’t masturbate as much, let’s see, I gained a little weight. Other than that, I am the same n***a right here. You just can’t call me an inmate. [Today,] I’m a free man, I don’t owe anybody nothing. What do you keep your eyes and ears to?

Trick Daddy: I’m being straight up, I ain’t seen that R. Kelly tape yet, man. A lot of time that s**t’ll f**k your life up. That’s what’s wrong with our kids, that why if you got kids and I don’t know if you do, but I know with my kids when they come back from school, they go do their homework. They going to get that on that computer but I don’t want them playing, doing all them cheers and playing grade games. You going to give me 15 to 20 minutes on that computer, you’re going to learn something because reality shows, bulls**t music, and lot of s**t that goes on TV and radio is f**king up the kids’ lives. When me and you were younger, we could go back to our favorite TV show or our favorite person. These kids think that Paris Hilton is somebody important. Paris Hilton ain’t nothing but born filthy rich, and can barely stand up because she’s barely eating. Speaking of favorite shows, mine was Family Matters. What’s yours?

Trick Daddy: My favorite show had to be Sanford and Son, even though that was an old show too, but it was new to me. If I watched it right now in my house, my kids, nieces, and nephews would walk right out the room, there ain’t no interest to ‘em. Nobody getting killed, nobody is f**king, that’s what they want to see. They love American Idol but they don’t know that all of those people barely make money. I liked The Jeffersons. You probably won’t believe this, but Laverne and Shirley was my s**t, Mary Tyler Moore [Show], that’s my s**t. Who’s on the album?

Trick Daddy: I got Young Buck, Baby, Lil Weezie, I got my group Dunk Ryders. Gold Rush produces. I got Jaheim on there, Trey Songz, Lloyd, [and] Webbie. Last time you had a bunch of unknown and a few big names …

Trick Daddy: I’m the first n***a to put [Young] Jeezy on the record, tell them n***as about that. You probably didn’t even know about that. Make sure to tell all my real, true Trick Daddy fans that I’m Back by Thug Demand, get that s**t, get that s**t for someone else for Christmas, you will love it. Also, for the haters, I would very much appreciate if they would take time to kiss my whole family’s ass.