Trillville: Reloaded

Referred to as the “young guns” of Crunk, Trillville members, Don P, Dirty Mouth, and Lil’ LA made their name off of their rowdy, Crunk antics on record but solidified their reputation over the squeaky clean bed springs of the recent hit record, “Some Cut.” As one of Lil’ Jon’s personal Atlanta pet projects, Trillville […]

Referred to as the “young guns” of Crunk, Trillville members, Don P, Dirty Mouth, and Lil’ LA made their name off of their rowdy, Crunk antics on record but solidified their reputation over the squeaky clean bed springs of the recent hit record, “Some Cut.”

As one of Lil’ Jon’s personal Atlanta pet projects, Trillville has come to represent much more of the Dirty South than the ATL with their strip club-bumping anthems and Jon-like personalities, all exhibiting their knack for spontaneous shrieking and vibrant conversation during their first sit-down with Don P assumed the role as spokesman for the group, but Dirty and Lil’ LA were providing laughter and yells of support in true Crunk tradition.

With one album already in the can, the trio explains just how those now infamous bed springs came about on “Some Cut,” why Atlanta sports teams cannot manage to produce a winner, and how to address the infamous Crunk critic. So, I want to start off with the question that everybody seems to want to know. Whose idea was it for you guys to use bedsprings on the production for “Some Cut?”

Don P: Man, that s**t was just so crazy, man. Basically, we had the song, which was inspired by “Getting Some Cut.” But, that bed squeaking came from…Dirty Mouth was f**kin’ [somebody], and we put a tape recorder under the bed. And, we was like, “Ay, man, we can use that!” That’s really what happened?

Don P: Yeah. That’s what happened. We took it from the bed squeaking and put it at the beginning of the song. That’s live action right there that you hear every time! That’s probably why it’s so much of a success, man. That s**t’s real! That really does explain it. That’s really an appealing part of the song! And Lil’ Jon produced that cut, so what did you guys think the first time you heard it?

Don P: It was just a regular beat. We was so Crunk that I really didn’t even like want to do it. That s**t was slow as f**k! It’s slow as hell. I was all “Crunk in Your System,” “Weakest Link,” “Neva Eva,” “Get on My Level.” But then, when we got to recording it, it came out so fire. And now I just love it. And speaking of Lil’ Jon, what’s it like for you guys working with him in the studio as a group?

Don P: Man, working with Lil’ Jon, that s**t fire. I love working with Lil’ Jon. He the King of Crunk, super producer, crazy. That n***a Lil’ Jon just crazy as f**k! Everyday is a story with him. What do you say to them if they say like, “Lil’ Jon is the only reason that Trillville has success or the only reason that they have hit records?” What do you say to those people?

Don P: You right! [laughs] Any group that’s coming off a label with a CEO like that, it’s always a boost. It’s always a help. But our music is good as f**k. If people didn’t like the music, they don’t give a f**k who’s putting it out. They don’t give a damn who’s putting it out. If the music good, then people gonna buy it. And I’m glad that the East Coast and up North has finally accepted the music, because it’s good music. It’s party music, have a good time. And, of course, it’s gotten a lot better over the years. So, tell them haters to get on my motherfu**in’ level! Then again, there’s this criticism too: “Aw, Trillville. All they do is make that stuff for the club. They ain’t making nothing that’s worthwhile or nothing that’s got a message.” What do you say to somebody who says that?

Don P: They must not have bought the album! They must not bought the album. I mean, that’s what I would say. Go buy the album. ‘Cause, you know, a lot of people just judge it off the singles.

Don P: Yeah, exactly. That’s why I say, ‘Go get the album!’ The singles, yeah, every single I come out with is gonna be for the club. ‘Cause, hell, I want to be in the clubs! That’s what I like. But, on the album, that’s when I go home or that’s when I’m riding out. That’s when I’m talking about different stuff. So they just got to get the album. Trillville, Reloaded, coming out the end of May! Make sure you go get it. Jumping right off that, can you talk about that a little bit?

Don P: The album’s sick. The album off the chain. I got some production on there, of course. So it’s Reloaded. What is it, remixed, or all-new stuff?

Don P: No, no, this Trillville, Reloaded. It means we back and we fiendin’ to bust y’all n***as in the head with this new s**t! I’m the super producer. Of course, Lil’ Jon, the King of Crunk, is the super producer. And we got Lil’ J on the track who made “Knuck If You Buck.” And people on the album, we got Lloyd, 3-6 Mafia, Mya, Mario. Can you guys tell me about a typical Trillville show for people who haven’t been to one?

Don P: Man, a Trillville show is just, like, expect the unexpected. We don’t be trying to look good on stage. We get sweaty. We give the people a show, and really, ain’t nobody’s show liver than ours! Anybody can just get up there and hold a mic and have their DJ push the gun button. But Trillville, we actually get involved with the fans. We go into a crowd – no security. We just real like that. On that same topic, what was the craziest concert for you guys that you’ve ever done, as far as the crowd just going wild?

Don P: Man, I think that SummerJam in New York was Crunk. Really, as opposed to the South?

Don P: Yeah, Summer Jam in New York was Crunk as hell! I couldn’t believe we was even up there. I ain’t know what the f**k I was doing up there. [laughs] [The crowd] knew the songs and everything. There’s been so many crazy ass shows. Everywhere really, man, just sick. But the ones that really surprise me be the up North shows. Like we’ll be in Pittsburgh and n****s be in Crunk as hell. We did Club Exit in New York and motherf***ers took our clothes off and s**t! That was the first show I did naked. You did a show naked?

Don P: Man, I did a show in my boxers, dog. The girls literally took my pants off. How long did you go on for?

Don P: For the rest of the show! I did the show butt-naked! I did the show in my boxers. We don’t give a f**k. Crunk is, you just have to understand the meaning of Crunk. Crunk is whatever you feel like doing at that present moment. Crunk is not going to work; Crunk is leaving work early. Crunk is not going to school; Crunk is skipping school. It’s just doing whatever you want to do and having a good time. Do you guys follow the sports teams in Atlanta?

Don P: Yeah. The thing I never understood about sports teams in Atlanta is that you guys seem like you would be the L.A. or the New York of the South. Why aren’t Atlanta teams ever bringing home those championships though?

Don P: Maaaaan! [laughs] ‘Cause we bringing home all the music championships! We bringing home all the awards. We can’t have everything! Long as we keep bringing home the awards we straight. And the Falcons gonna win the Super Bowl this year anyway. Yeah, they’re finally getting good with Vick and s###. Do you guys go to games down there? Is that a big thing to do?

Don P: Man, I love to sit on the 50. Is it like L.A.? You go to L.A., you see all those celebrities in the stands and everything. Is it like that in Atlanta?

Don P: Yeah, but if you want to see celebrities in Atlanta, take your ass to the strip club! Every celebrity in Atlanta be in the strip club. That’s why these girls make so much money in Atlanta. You can go in the strip on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, any day, and find a lot of celebrities in the strip club. Alright. So that’s where to look for celebrities. Not at the games, but at the strip club?

Don P: At the strip club! Lastly, if each of you wanted people from all over the world to know one word to describe Trillville, what would it be?

Lil’ Atlanta: Yeahhhhhhhhh, shooooortyyyy!

Dirty Mouth: Trill!

Don P: One word? Ayyyyyyyy! Also, I got my brand new label, Trilltown Entertainment. Make sure y’all go to Also, hit up the Crunk Line, 678.438.3138. Y’all call, leave your name, address, we’ll send you free stuff. You can win stuff. You can call and talk s**t, say how much you love us, hate us, whatever. Oh yeah, we got the radio show, Trilltown Radio. This your boy Don P. I’m the young Master P. I just build all this s**t. Whatever I can get my hands on, I’m doing.