VIDEO: Immortal Technique Returns from Afghanistan with a (R)evolutionary Film


“[Immortal Technique] symbolizes the voice of truth all around the world in the name of rap music and Hip-Hop.” – Chuck D

His calm demeanor only changes up from time to time. He puts extra emphasis on cussing, and his face frowns in disgust when he talks about watery rap. His voice raises only for brief moments, but not when he’s angry; mostly when he’s excited about the points he’s making. And he has a lot of good points – on things like Trayvon Martin and far beyond. He’s smart and determined, and one gets the sense that that makes him dangerous.

He is Immortal Technique.

Immortal Technique’s music isn’t for the faint of heart. Over the years, the Harlem MC/activist/street soldier has gained respect for lyrics that shine a light directly on what most of the “puppetmasters” of society don’t want us to see. The Peruvian-blooded thinker treks to places like war-torn Afghanistan and builds orphanages and schools. His voice matters, allowing him to chum up with both music and scholarly legends to get his all-important work done.

The (R)evolution Of Immortal Technique, which is set to release on a double-DVD in Summer 2012, chronicles some of the rapper’s work to make right in places where things have gone very wrong. His journey, directed by Cary Stuart of Quarter Water Productions, sheds light on the people trapped within war and poverty. The documentary also features in-depth commentary with outspoken people such as Dr. Cornel West, Chuck D., Ice T, and Woody Harrelson, along with close industry pals DJ Green Lantern, ILL BILL, AKIR, Diabolic, and others.

That the quality piece is coupled with vintage, rare footage of Immortal Technique in his early days may be the real treat worth waiting for. sat down with the mysterious but open MC in New York City to discuss the DVDs that he’s set to debut soon:

The (R)evolution Of Immortal Technique [Official Trailer]

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