AllHipHop's Woman Crush Wednesday: The Music Maven, Maimouna Youssef


Photo Credit: Instagram / Kofi Handon

Reinforced by the creative spirit of original man and the native one, Maimouna Youssef is art personified. The Grammy-nominated rapping chanteuse effortlessly exhales harmonic sixteens. Having already traversed the globe, MuMu Fresh continues on her pursuit to manifest lyrically.

She refuses to confine her creativity. In addition to music, Maimouna invests her energy into becoming the best mother, businesswoman, and motivational speaker possible. After watching a few of her included videos and flipping through some photos it’ll be clear why Ms. Youssef has been declared as the latest Woman Crush Wednesday.

“Tell My Story” by Maimouna Youssef (Drake Pound Cake)

“We’re Already Royal”


Enjoy a few flicks!

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