Webbie: Young & Thuggin’

It’s summertime, and they are supposed to be hot, but if you have been to the club lately, especially down South, there is a scorching song blazing dance-floors and hoods everywhere. A street hymn that has caught the attention of both men and women alike is, “Gimme That” by Webbie of Trill Entertainment, a label […]

It’s summertime, and they are supposed to be hot, but if you have been to the club lately, especially down South, there is a scorching song blazing dance-floors and hoods everywhere. A street hymn that has caught the attention of both men and women alike is, “Gimme That” by Webbie of Trill Entertainment, a label co-founded by no other the UGK. member Pimp C. The song elicits the common ulterior motives of many nightclub attendants with an exceptionally candid approach.

The performer of the song is none other than Webster Gradney, Jr., better known as Webbie. With underground classic albums like Ghetto Stories and Gangsta Muzik under his belt, Webbie is primed to make a grave impact this summer with first solo release. True southern ghetto griot Webbie orates his life, giving you “G-S**t” from the “Porch” all the way to the club. Now with his debut album to be released July 5th, Savage Life, Webbie plans on displaying more of his talent and multiplicity.

AllHipHop.com: How are you doing?

Webbie: I’m coolin’.

AllHipHop.com: You got a hot, hot song out right now, “Gimme That”…

Webbie: Fa sheezy, fa sheezy. It’s going down, we got everybody all over the world screaming, “Girl, gimme dat p***y!” and “You’se a bad b*tch!”

AllHipHop.com: How did you come up with that one?

Webbie: Ah, you know some street s**t, that’s just some real s**t, when you in the club in Baton Rouge you see a fine b*tch, you be like, “Man, give a n***a some of that p***y.” [laughter] ‘Cause everybody down, they got baby daddies and baby mommas, who they cheatin’ on and s**t, so you might as well get to the point, cause you ain’t tryin’ to be somebody ol’ man or nothing.

AllHipHop.com: I was down in New Orleans last year for the Essence Festival; y’all got a lot of style going on in Louisiana.

Webbie: Yeah, I’m from Baton Rouge.

AllHipHop.com: What’s the difference between Baton Rouge and New Orleans?

Webbie: I’m bout 45 minutes from New Orleans, they got wards, we got neighborhoods, you know what I am saying. We both thuggin’, we both got that murder capital of the world title a couple of times; you know what I am saying. We right 45 minutes from each other we can hear they twelve gauges bussin’ they can hear our twelve gauges bussin’. I am from Sherwood, but I can go to any neighborhood in the city, you know what I am saying. I am Baton Rouge, ya know.

AllHipHop.com: Who are some other artists down there?

Webbie: Lil’ Boosie, Big Head, Lil’ Fox, they all under the Trill family, Trill Entertainment Label, ya heard me.

AllHipHop.com: Let me ask you…what separates you from other artists? There are a lot of new people out right now; they got a lot of hot songs out. Mike Jones, Slim Thug, and so on. What separates you, not necessarily from them, but any other artists out right now?

Webbie: I got that Savage Life s**t. You know what I am saying. Go get my album July 5th; I got some s**t on there you going to want to hear—to hit you from all angles. I got that G-s**t, a song called “G-S**t”. Straight gangsta-gangsta, gutter, I got everything. I got one called, “Stop Playin’, Crank it Up”. Just talkin’ about the streets steady hollerin’ my name, the streets ready for me. I got boo-koo s**t. “Like Beyonce, like Trina, like a big booty ass lil’ diva”. I’m just tellin’ them hoes, bounce yo ass like dat. I got boo-koo s**t hittin’ from all different angles, man.

AllHipHop.com: What got you into rapping?

Webbie: Just listening to my big cousin rap his s**t. I started doing my own s**t.

AllHipHop.com: Most people say that Rap is a road, a hard road, once you get it you kind of got it. What setbacks have you experienced as far as your Rap career?

Webbie: My career is about my money, you heard me? You take money losses when n***as go to jail. When s**t happen with the bills, you know what I am saying. Be stupid and put money in the streets! There are all kind of ways you can get f**ked up. I go through all them b*tches.

AllHipHop.com: I heard of Boosie, who is Big Head?

Webbie: Head, that’s my dog. He was in jail when we dropped them two albums, that Ghetto Stories and that Gangsta Muzik. Ghetto Stories, he on there. Gangsta Muzik, Head ain’t make that album, he was in jail that whole time, ya know what I am sayin’. He out now and it’s going down, Big Head “The Dome Doctor”. His album is coming like uhm, November. He had went to jail, he didn’t make that album.

AllHipHop.com: I see you got this Savage Life. What does that bring to mind, when I say “Savage”?

Webbie: Me, I am the Savage, I’m Trill Entertainment, Young Savage. That’s my name, they call me that. They call me Webbie, they call me Trill Entertainment. Young Savage. Now, people call me lil’ Baton Rouge.

AllHipHop.com: You have “Gimme That” with Bun B., but then you got that other song people are loving, “Hold Up.”

Webbie: Oh yeah, me and Bun collaborated on that b*tch, I just ripped the track it’s a gangsta beat. Bun was there, we collaborated, put that b*tch together, he was just letting the streets get a little taste of what I got.

AllHipHop.com: I see there is another artist out, Weebie.

Webbie: Yeah, he from New Orleans.

AllHipHop.com: Similar names, same state does that cause any animosity?

Webbie: No, no, no. I hollered at the cat, we done talked. He do his thing I do my thing.

AllHipHop.com: So, July 5, 2005, you got Savage Life; nationwide, a little notoriety, so where do you see yourself next Summer?

Webbie: S**t, bout to drop mo’ fire. This here is going to be the biggest thing since 9/11 man. Man, I think the president might talk about this s**t. Y’all might see me in the White House, talking some business in that b*tch. This one here, I done worked hard on this one. It’s gonna be real big, humongous. I can’t even say, “Do It Big” no mo’, n***a done took that word straight out my f**king mouth, I’m just going to say, “Do it humongous!” Motherf**ker wanna be me and s**t, man.

AllHipHop.com: Yeah, I feel you. I noticed a lot of people tryin’ to “Do It Big” now. First time I actually heard that record was last year at the Essence on Canale, had to go pick it up! So, you done “Did It Big” and now you going to “Do It Humungous.” What’s the difference?

Webbie: This is my first solo album. The album I originated “Do It Big” on was Ghetto Stories, with me and Boosie. We kept doing mixtapes, then we hit them with Gangsta Muzik. Now they giving me my solo opportunity, they put me in that b#### to go 100 by myself. So, s**t, I’m going to do it homongous. I ain’t cutting nothin’ back, I’m sayin’ whatever the f**k come to my mind. I ain’t tryin’ to sugarcoat this s**t. Oh, I’m bout to go ahead and thug it and tell’em how I feel.

AllHipHop.com: Anything the public needs to know about Webbie?

Webbie: Man, s**t no man. They don’t need to know my business. [laughs] Just, Free Pimp C! Go get that album off the shelf on July 5th, it’s going all the way down! I’m from Baton Rouge, shout out to Sherwood! Aaron Williams, in jail, keep your head up. Put that in there. Aaron Williams, you coming home you just be cool and I gotcha’. Whenever you do come home, it’s going to be on and poppin’. Tell the whole industry stop getting’ scared. We done put the pistols and the choppers down for a few minutes, ya heard me. We gonna do it legal right now. They ain’t got to be scared of nothin’. You can come up in the same building with the Trill people. We human too. We ain’t no animals like they think we are. [laughter]

AllHipHop.com: I feel you. I can definitely respect that.

Webbie: Scary a####! Scared to come meet us and s**t. I ain’t going to say no names! We ain’t robbin and killin’ nobody.

AllHipHop.com: I feel you boy. Anything you want to say to the ladies, because the ladies is lovin’ that “Gimme That.”

Webbie: Oh, they love me, man. Because I been getting hoes before this Rap s###, ya heard me. I been, since a kindergartener, know how to write a good as love letter. So, tell’em I still got love for ‘em and ain’t s**t gonna change; I’m just a playa ass n***a, man. Tell ‘em don’t feel played; I’m just a playa ass n***a!