YO! MTV Raps Stars Ed Lover, Dr. Dre & T-Money Talk Def Jam, Rick Rubin, Public Enemy & Blazing Trails Globally

YO! MTV Raps

The stars of YO! MTV Raps are telling all about their past, present and future.

Ed Lover, Dr. Dre & T-Money helped usher a new era Hip-Hop, effectively putting the best of the culture on television through the immortal vessel YO! MTV Raps. YO! ran as a television music video program, starring the trio in various forms from 1987 to 1995. When it was cancelled it was still at the top of the pile of programs at the ubiquitous network. But when the dust settled, stars were made, the culture of authentic Hip-Hop had infiltrated the world’s households and Ed Lover, Dr. Dre & T-Money were solidified as certified legends. But, their story didn’t begin nor end with YO! You have to hear it and see it to believe it. They talk about everything from their beginnings as artists to joking Chuck D & Flavor Flav to Rick Rubin to who was wack and even that California Dr. Dre.

Chuck “Jigsaw” Creekmur facilitates this AllHipHop interview as the fellas take a trip down memory lane, but also discuss their new ventures on the horizon. 

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