YoNasDa LoneWolf , Floris Whitebull And Wasté Win Young Discuss The Plight Of Indigenous / Native Americans


Natives of this land have had it particularly hard. The American government overtly perpetrated genocide against Indigenous people of all tribes, almost driving them to extinction. However, the original people are still here and still fighting insurmountable odds. Local authorities have used dogs, bull dozers and brutish intimidation tactics to diminish resistance.

Right now, native activists from 500 international tribes are trying to prevent the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) from being built through the sacred land and water sources. The 1,100 mile oil pipeline is being constructed by a group of major corporations led by Energy Transfer Partners and would go from North Dakota to refineries in the U.S. Gulf Coast. Activists and protectors of the land feel this is an absolute danger to the entire population’s water supply. This fight has proven extremely difficult, especially from a legal perspective. There have been court battles lost, but the war rages on. Even Obama stepped in to help momentarily halt the moves by the Energy Transfer Partners. Other celebrity supporters include Pharrell Williams, Alfre Woodard, activist Mark Ruffalo, Justice League stars Ben Affleck, Ray Fisher, Gal Gadot, Jason Momoa & Ezra Miller, Leonardo DiCaprio, Shailene Woodley, Riley Keough, Susan Sarandon and more.

AllHipHop’s Chuck Creekmur has a special conversation with three women on the frontline of this war. YoNasDa LoneWolf , Floris Whitebull And Waste Win Young talk openly and candidly about the fight at Standing Rock.

For more or to support the fight at Standing Rock, go to StandingRock.org.