Young Buck: Peace Accords

Young Buck is stuck. The Cashville, Ten-A-Key (ahem, Nashville, TN) native was given his walking papers from G-Unit last year, but the rub is that he is still signed to G-Unit Records.   Despite his tenuous predicament Buck is willing and wanting to fulfill his recording obligations. But according to the exiled rapper his attempts […]


Buck is stuck. The Cashville, Ten-A-Key (ahem,

Nashville, TN) native was given his walking papers from G-Unit last year, but

the rub is that he is still signed to G-Unit Records.



his tenuous predicament Buck is willing and wanting to fulfill his recording

obligations. But according to the exiled rapper his attempts at reaching out to his former leader 50 Cent,

and anyone else at G-Unit, have been essentially ignored.



is hope for Buck, though. Getting booted from the G-Unit franchise is not the

end of a career. Ask The Game. But while the polarizing L.A. rapper makes a

living out of talking reckless to his enemies, Buck’s sobering return home has

meant less vitriol towards his foes and more time with his family (“I couldn’t ask for a better thing than being

able to spend as much time at home with my kids. They love 50 for whatever

situation he took me through because he brought me closer to them,” says Buck).

It also means, as seen by the new music he’s recently leaked, a desire to get back

down to the business of making music



in the message directly to 50 Cent below there aren’t any shots fired, but the

extension of an olive branch. Peace is not the word to play, after all. So have you tried to

reach out to 50 Cent ever since y’all tiff went down?

Young Buck: I tried to reach out to 50 man honestly ever since the situation first started. You know with

the first situation with me when I spoke on me not seeing a royalty check in my

career. So you’re going back til’ middle of 2008?

Young Buck: Right. I’ve been stretching

out to 50 ever since before 50 actually kicked me out of G-Unit. Just on that

strength, I wanted to have a one-on-one conversation with him before s**t got

to where it was and actually let him know about the statement that I made like,

“Look dude, you know I made that statement that I’ve never seen a royalty

check in my career, not saying that you ain’t paid me

no money, but it’s the truth.” Not to say he was taking nothing from me,

but it’s the truth. And I never had that conversation. All I did was deal with

was his reaction. Because he never gave me a conversation, he just pretty much

did his thang and said,

“You know what Buck you outta here.” Contractually what do

you owe to G-Unit?

Young Buck: I owe three albums. I mean

it’s all kind of characters that would love to buy me out of my situation and

all that good stuff and I think 50’s aware of that. He’s just pretty much, you

know holding on I guess as long as he can. If you could speak to 50

Cent, what would you say?

Young Buck: If I could speak to him, I

would just basically let him know, “Look. It is what it is. What’s done is

done. Now let’s get to the part of me completing these albums that I have left

amongst G-Unit.” Because as far as me indulging in the back and forth thing,

I’ll let that go. My life is a little bit more realer than that s**t.

My s**t is real life out here. So you know I don’t have time to play that game,

s**t is real. You know I got kids, he

got kids. I’m just trying to complete mine. Speaking of real life,

you’ve obviously taken steps to better yourself financially, what have you done in

that realm?

Young Buck: I’ve never worked a job, so

you do the math. I’m putting myself in a situation where I rely on my

outside ventures such as my watch deal. My shows, they stay booked

up. So that’s keeping me active. I’m actually shooting a movie right now called

No Warning. It’s got me, Omar Gooding, Cuba Gooding’s in this movie, as well as a lot

more other big name actors. I try to do a lot of different things from that

end. What’s the word on Cashville Records?

Young Buck: Cashville

Records. Man, I still have a situation over [at] Sony Red. I actually haven’t gave

them no product at this

point. Just basically trying to really work my situation out because I don’t

want to have no problems with getting cleared on records and things of that

nature from 50 Cent before I move down that lane, and going that way. And you

know, with no communication, I’m just not been wanting

to hand them no projects. You know I’m involved in the project and I

get disappointed. So I’ve actually been just working man—just working. Any other business

ventures that you want to speak on that you got going on?

Young Buck: My Tenakey

Timepiece, which is a watch deal that I did with some cats called Horolos, it’s actually doing very, very well. Real good overseas. They’re a watch company

that’s pretty much already pretty big over seas. They gave me a deal that helped

me create my own line, which is the Tenakey Timepiece.

In stores right now, so wherever you’re at, all you gotta

do is go to your local jeweler and ask them about the Tenakey

Timepiece and he gon’ hook you up! I got em’ from $500 to $500,000. Straight up

and down. Have you been able to

perform and tour and all that?

Young Buck: My shows stay booked up

man. I can definitely say I haven’t had a album out in

the last two years, and I probably did more shows than the average hot cat out

here. That’s one thing I can say. That’s why I give my fans all the love

because I know it’s some unusual s**t for a cat to not have an album out for

damn near two years, and all my f**king shows is f**king damn near sold out.

That just lets me see how strong of a fan base and how in tune my fans actually

are with me. I love them for it. You still owe 50 Cent money and you say you have been trying to pay him back, what’s the status on that end?


Young Bucks: The communication was not

there period. So what ever I did owe, we could never work out a way of him

getting it or nothing, without conversation. What was the meeting you

had with Interscope like?

Young Buck: It was a good meeting you

know. I just wanted to see…50 is such a powerful asset to Interscope

and me and him going through our situation, I wanted to see their outlook on

it. Their whole thang pretty much was, “We’re

not getting involved in it, but we definitely wanna

do another Young Buck album. And if we don’t do nobody else’s album, we

definitely want a Young Buck album.”



I’ve been sitting on that, looking forward for that phone call from either

Jimmy Iovine or whoever’s over there that put the

budgets and things like that in motion. I’ve actually been having Michael “Blue”

Williams, which is the cat that’s managing me, he’s

been back and forth trying to get some understanding throughout the situation.

Blue’s been back in forth with Interscope,

back in forth on the phone with 50’s lawyers and G-Unit and all that good

stuff just trying to work the situation out. And he’s really not getting too

far himself. You’ve been hitting us with

joints, so how often are you in the studio recording?

Young Buck: I’m pulling up to that motherf**ka right now as we speak. I’ma

hit y’all with a joint in a minute, that’ how often I’m in this s**t you know

what I’m saying? I mean there is one thing I can say, a lot of people will say,

“Well damn Buck if you’re giving out these hit records you should hold

this s**t for your album. I tell them “This s**t is in me. Everything I do

is gonna feel good.



seen it work for Lil’ Wayne, and a few more big artist out here. I’m just tryna get as much energy and get mine to the streets; the DJs, the AllHipHop.coms.

Because to me, I feel like y’all are the most relevant

thing to an artist career at this point. With everything moving to the Internet

and all that good stuff it’s the sites like that people

are really going and paying attention to because not only are they getting the

updated news, but they’re actually being able to hear that exclusive music that

y’all provide. You know, that’s definitely, definitely something that I’m not

looking to stop, even in my situation. You’re definitely going to hear an

[abundance] of records from Young Buck on a daily basis homie. How does it feel that despite

that you’re still giving fans fresh product, that there’s still people

that want that certified official Young Buck album, but your hands are tied…

Young Buck: You know what I do, I just

tell them, It’s not me, I put it in God’s hand, and it’s working itself

out. Just stay down, and I’m gonna

keep giving you product regardless. But you gotta

know that once I do release an album, it’s probably going to be the best album

not to come the year whenever it does come, but it will be the best album that

you’ve heard from Young Buck up to date. And that all refers back to what 50

told me: “Things you go through in life, make you who you are.” So I

express my feelings and what’s going on with me and my life

on a real level through the music. I really actually base my music off

of reality man. What’s your take on the

50 Cent versus Rick Ross beef.

Young Buck: I mean I really ain’t been able to just keep up with it and ain’t been keeping up with it like that, but I would pretty

much just say, “Good luck to both of them.” I’ve got my own set of

problems to actually put myself in the middle on either side. I’m a fan of Rick

Ross and 50 do whatever you gon’ do and all that

other good s**t. It’s not my situation, so good luck.

G-Unit – Stunt 101Uploaded by Your last album dropped

March 2007, two years later what have you learned or what would you change, if

you could?

Young Buck: I’ve learned the business.

I came in the situation amongst a group, and in a group, there’s always a chain

of command. And 50 Cent was the leader in my situation so I stayed loyal

towards 50 and the business of whatever he controlled that was my career in

G-Unit. I put my career in his hands. And you know honestly ever since my exiting from G-Unit, I’ve had no choice but to get straight with the business

because my career is left in my own hands.



just totally focused on the business and came to realize that I’ma get better and better with the talent because of my

work ethic. I work everyday with it and I’m seeing myself getting better with the

music. So I just focus on the business to become as strong with the business as

I am with the talent, to actually get exactly what I

deserve out here. What I done went through with 50 cent is something that I

don’t want to go through again period.



know my career is far from over, it

just started. This is only my second solo album. My first, Straight Outta Cashville, went past platinum, and then Buck the World was right at gold. In my

eyes, that’s with no promotion in a sense. Because if you listen to the album,

it was an album to me that was better than Straight

Outta Cashville, but it

sold lesser numbers than Straight Outta Cashville. I blame

nobody for nothing. I take the blame for everything. And I just sa,y “Look,

it’s time for Young Buck to move forward.” Young Buck has grown a lot man,

within these two years—from the business level of things. Looking forward

from that back and forth situation for me, as far as G-Unit, you’re just not gonna get it man because I’ve realized that the most

important thing for me to do and the biggest pay back is for me to be

successful. And that’s where my focus is man. My focus is to be as successful

as the good Lord allows me to be. And that’s what I’m doing man. You’ve mentioned that

you never

made 8 million dollars or whatever 50 Cent said you made, you said that wasn’t

true, right?

Young Buck: I mean yeah. I’m aware of

that statement where he said, “I made 8 million in

my career.” You know, it’s simple man. All I need to do is show you guys

my tax statements man since I’ve been with G-Unit and I mean that don’t lie

right? Alright then so. I’ll just say this much out of

of it. I never paid over a million dollars in taxes

so I couldn’t [laughs]. If I laundered over 8 to 10 million

dollars then I’m a bad motherf**ka. I’ve

heard that statement and I actually smiled and laughed about it.



even smiled at the fact of him putting, “He’s a drug addict,” and all

this and that. You know I’ve had my time, I’ve did my

thing. I won’t get here and say I haven’t played the part of indulging

in cocaine at a point of time in my life. It was a phase that came and went

throughout of my life, but that’s been so many years ago honestly that it’s irrelevant

to me. It is what it is, there is no rules in the art

of war. I think 50 pretty much said what he feels is

the truth. But the truth is that I’ve never seen nowhere near 8 to 10 million

dollars and I’ll be happy to provide my tax statements for you guys at some

point of time to clear that all the way on up. So where did all the

money you did make go?


Young Buck: The whole fact of me owning

any kind of money dealing with my taxes, it’s a situation that came to me when

my career first started with G-Unit. I never experienced that abundance of money legally you understand, and outside of that, I was

a cat that was all over this television, videos, touring, and Roc the Mic tours and s**t, you know all that s**t back then was

moving, but my family was actually still living in the projects. I actually still

stayed in the hood.



I did receive that money, I did everything that anybody from that environment

that I come from would do. And that was to get out of there. I brought my moms

a house, moms a car, me a few cars

[laughs] Probably a little more

than you needed…


Young Buck: Yeah, probably a little

more than I needed. And also I just wasn’t aware of who

and what Uncle Sam was, you understand what I’m saying. As tax time rolled

around, and they was like, “Yo you gotta give this much…” I’m like, “What?!”


I didn’t know once you made a million dollars, it’s only 500,000. So I was left in a situation where I

actually had to come to 50 and was like, “Look man, I need you on this

one.” And honestly that’s what I thought a big brother would do. I’ve always judged and looked upon 50 as a big

brother in my time of being with him, because I felt like there was no way to

deal with these real life situations that we were going through, whether it was

beefing with Ja Rule or all these different beef

situations, without having a genuine love for a motherf**ka.

I applied that genuine, the s**t that [you] get from the gutter, to my whole thing

dealing with G-Unit. And I would just say that I was more looked upon as

business in 50’s eyes, because I don’t think you can actually do someone—your

brother, the way and things he tried to [do to] the kid, you know what I’m saying? So

you know, like I say, I don’t blame no one for my

mistakes. I don’t even blame 50. I’m not in this interview to actually create

no bulls**t and try to get no publicity from nothing. All I’m here is to give

the truth and pretty much let you know, my friends know, 50 Cent know and

everybody, “Hey man, it’s time for Young Buck to move forward”. The fans

has been waiting long enough and I’m looking for conversation from somebody on

pretty much letting me know this budget is open, and it’s time for you to go on

in and complete an album. Lil scrappy ft young buck money in the bUploaded by isma527