Yung Berg, In His Words…

Just being little DMX, that was my s**t. X was my mentor at the time so I was just like little him and I guess my parents was not f**king with that one. I was there [military school] for a year. Let me tell you the honest truth. I didn’t know what the f**k was […]

Just being little DMX, that was my s**t. X was my mentor at the time so I was just like little him and I guess my parents was not f**king with that one. I was there [military school] for a year. Let me tell you the honest truth. I didn’t know what the f**k was going on because the way they came and snatched me was so gangster. I went to the mall with my mom in Chicago and she was getting all types of mysterious phone calls. I’m like, “Who the f**k are you talking to?” She is just like, “Oh, it’s my new husband, blah, blah, blah,” and the next thing I know I met two Samoan dudes outside and they just snatched me up and they took me to Thompson Falls, Montana. “[DMX] probably hates my momma.”I didn’t know if it was for a day, a year, or whatever. I was still signed [Blood Raw Records]. X probably hates my momma. Actually when I see X after the fact, he always tells me, “Yo, your parents f**ked everything up.” I’m like, “Yo, sorry.” I was a minor. My parents controlled everything. So if they wanted to pull me out of a deal, they could pull me out at any given time.I started grinding, I was always tight with Eve she was like a big sister to me. I came out to LA and she was doing the “Eve” show for UPN and we just got it popping. She had me there and I started grinding with my crew. I moved all my ni**as out to LA and then we leaked [“Sexy Lady”] to Power 106 at the New at Two and Felley Fel, E-Man and everybody started blasting that s**t out.I guess [the label] didn’t expect the EP to do what it did. The EP sold 100,000 units and then my ringtone for “Sexy Lady” did a million. So in between that time, the label didn’t know what the f**k to do with me. I had like six different singles from now to then, actually seven if you want to include what we just shot the video for [“The Business”]. It was just so much confusion so many cooks in the kitchen between Koch and Epic. It threw my s**t in a monkey wrench. So I was in a point where everything was f**ked up. Then me and Ray had already been together, he was like I need you on this song “Sexy Can I.” I did that s**t last summer in the midst of trying to find my last single and then [(people from the label] came to me like, “Yo, this needs to be your song, we’re making it your record,” and “‘Sexy Can I’ is going to be a hit.” But I’m just like, “If I came out with ‘Sexy Lady’ and ‘Sexy Can I,’ I would be the sexiest motherf***er in the world next to Fabio.” F**k that, I just didn’t want to be in that little box. [Ray J f/ Yung Berg “Sexy Can I”]”Sexy Can I”…I got a plaque for a million ringtones. That is a million more people that know me. And the check is serious. So it put me back on the map in a major way because the video went No. 1 on 106 & Park, heavy on TRL, and it’s like, “Okay, Berg is back.” I want to get my Chris Brown and T-Pain on, you can’t get rid of me. I got like five different videos, I got so many looks to the point where you’re not even f**king with my songs no more, you’re f**king with me.People look at me now in a general perception—besides people that really go into the work, from the mixtape stuff I do, from the songs with Lil’ Wayne that y’all post on your site—like, “Yo, Berg just makes Pop records.” That’s why I came with “Do That There” for my first street single, just to get a different vibe. To go hard in the clubs because I felt like I was missing. “Sexy Lady” was in the clubs but it didn’t have that knock like I wanted, like that “808.” That heavy when you in Atlanta, it ain’t like that s**t is popping on and it’s making the club shatter. We shot the video in Chicago, just to show the depth and to show the city behind me and coming with the business. [Yung Berg “Do That There”]I mean, I never liked Bow Wow from jump. Ultimately I respect him, he has gotten a lot of money in the music game and the movie game. But at that point when I was with X he had just gotten with Jermaine [Dupri]. I was a young dude and in the same type of lane because I’m only a year older than him, so I always felt that type of rivalry. When I said what I said I really felt like that. I’m one of those people that is really going to speak their mind. You would think I wouldn’t have a publicist or I haven’t been media trained because I’m really going to say what I want to say. I’m not going to hold my tongue. People be like, “Why would you say that about so and so?” Because it’s real, though. Do you think those beats that Soulja Boy is rapping on are incredible? It sounds like he banging two spoons and forks together, with an 808 and a clap behind it. I’m just like, “be honest.” Come on, dog! I’m not trying to be an a###### or nothing like that but I’m just going to say what I want to say, what everybody wants to say, but scared to say. Me and Bow are cool. It is what it is, I would never keep going hard on somebody that embraced me. Say like he really wants to be on some one hundred s**t, I can’t be going hard on Bow. Because I would feel like a bully now, and I’m a little ni**a. “I have no problems with Brisco, I have no problems with Flo Rida…I said what I said, I’m from the Chi where we

play the dozens and talk s**t all day.”

Please type this in bold letters on the interview. I have no problems with Brisco, I have no problems with Flo Rida. This is the only thing though, I said what I said, I’m from the Chi where we play the dozens and talk s**t all day. That is all n****s know. I’m from a city where pimping where Don Magic Juan comes from, that whole talk, we do the dozens all day, everyday. So when I said my comment, it wasn’t like, “Flo Rida, he a b***h,” “His music is terrible, blah blah blah.” I was just joking and its been blown way out of proportion. Now I will say this on my end, I feel like Brisco is wrong to a certain degree. If you have done songs with me and you know me through Lil’ Wayne, and you know Lil’ Wayne talks to me on the regular, like I can hit that n***a right now like, What’s up—so if you know that and you know Lil’ Wayne got my number, if you really got a problem with me, the first outlet you get would not be to go to the Internet. It would be to hit me up on some man-to-man s**t. But now since he went to the Internet, now its a problem on my end.I was staying in the same hotel as Flo Rida for the past four days, my people talk to Flo, I talk to Flo. Flo is like “I don’t play that, that is some kid s**t to me.” You can say that your my old head your older than me. I ain’t never been a man that nas never been able to be humble. If you can’t be humble either your going to jail or your going to get knocked off the map. The whole thing was like it was all a joke. I didn’t know the cameras were rolling at that time. I didn’t know it was going to be chopped up and edited to that point. I got no hard feelings against none of them n****s. Congratulations to all of them. As far as Brisco, I know he is something out there, he is the goon, he is the young boy. At the same token my n****s would have did the same for me. But it ain’t even that serious. Flo-Rida is 6′ 7” and 350 pounds, I’m a little n***a and I don’t want no trouble. But at the same token, I’m still going to be correct. When I do come to your city I will be right. Let’s sit down and talk about it, figure it out.F**k no! [Responding to rumors he caught a bad one in LA] I shot my video in LA, I seen that s**t on AllHipHop and motherf**kers start calling me. I shot my video out there. I’m pretty as a baby boy.Look What You Made Me comes out August 12. It was supposed to come out July 1 but we pushed it back, with the business going so crazy right now. I just want n****s to know they can say what they want about me, with these little comments and all of that. But name one motherf**king artist that will go in the radio station before their LP is released and can play five to six records that have been on radio majorly and have charted even before his album comes out. Name one. I’ll go in there and play “Sexy Lady,” “Sexy Lady Remix,” “Sexy Can I,” “Do That There” and “The Business,” and “One Night” before my album comes out. Who is doing that? [Yung Berg “What It Do”]If you don’t f**k with me by the time the album comes out, then you’re just hating. Because consistency is there, like my mentor 50 says I’m going to kill you with my consistency. When I was doing “Sexy Lady” [50] was on Hot 97 and Angie Martinez asked him who would be in your iPod that no one would think. He was like, “Yo, Yung Berg, he is one of the hottest artist to come out this year.” After that he called and sent for me to the G-Unit office, when I was in New York doing my Hot 97 thing. We just chopped it up. This is before the remix came out so I played him the remix video, he played me “Ayo Technology” before it came out. We was critiquing each other’s s**t. We just talked for like three or four hours. We just plotted out a whole lot of things like about my career, he gave me a lot of advice and told me he felt what I was doing and continue the success. I ain’t put out a dud yet. I might not be Plies or f**king [Risk] Ross but I’m still getting to my money. Your b***h is still wet when I walk up in the clizzub.