33 Year Old Man With 22 Kids: “You can’t knock no man for loving women.”

33 Year Old Man With 22 Kids: “You can’t knock no man for loving women.”

(AllHipHop News) Nashville, Tennessee resident Orlando Shaw is a 33 year old man with 22 kids. Divide 33 by 22 and you will probably get to 1 1/2 kids per year (assuming he was having kids since an infant).

All jokes aside, Shaw impregnated 14 women with 22 kids and those women have filed a suit through Child Services to get Shaw to pay tens of thousands of dollars of back child support. The magistrate  Scott Rosenberg at the hearing posed Shaw with a question on the practicality of apply child support on this number of children:

How do we apply our child support guidelines to this many children in this many households

The judge even suggested Shaw get up to four full time jobs in order to pay back the massive amounts of backrent, however Shaw informed WTVF-TV Nashville that he has another method of making payment:

I might scratch off the numbers or something. I play the hell out of Tennessee lottery. I mean, I literally do. I play the number tickets, scratch-offs.

Shaw also told reporters “I was young and ambitious and I love women” as the reasoning for why he had 22 children with 14 women. Shaw says he loves his children, however in the interview says he has “roughly 18 kids” seemingly forgetting four others.

The state of Tennessee currently supports all of Shaw’s children at a total sum of $7,000 per month.