50 Cent Explains What He Said To Steve Stoute At Madison Square Garden (VIDEO)


(AllHipHop News) When 50 Cent has an album coming out, he tends to force the news to cover only 50 Cent. Yesterday (March 17th), 50 Cent spoke with MTV’s Rob Markman before his Sirius XM appearance and revealed what he said to Steve Stoute at Madison Square Garden during their verbal altercation.

Earlier this month, 50 Cent confronted Steve Stoute at a New York Knicks game in Madison Square Garden over Stoute’s comments on Hot 97. According to 50, he simply informed Stoute that he was awaiting an apology from his former business associate:

I said, ‘That wasn’t very nice of you, Steve. To say what you said wasn’t really nice, and I think you should apologize,’

50 later admitted that he “said it a little different.” 50 divulged more information about his past with Steve Stoute, revealing that Stoute did not listen to 50 Cent’s new music when 50 came to him after getting shot. According to 50, Stoute only conducted the meeting with 50 to confirm his suspicions regarding 50’s shooting in May of 2000. 50 also reveals that Stoute advised him against signing with Eminem:

I was never able to get him on the phone again after that. Next time I saw him was actually when Em signed me to Los Angeles to come do the deal. He just showed up in the lobby, I’m like ‘how the f*ck you even know I’m there.’ He’s asking me questions. ‘Look, don’t do the deal with the white boy. Look, yo sh*t is serious. At the time, Em was doing [‘Purple Pills’ with D12], so he’s thinking [Eminem’s] a joke.

50 later says that Stoute urged him to instead sign only with Dre and not with Eminem’s Shady Records.

The full interview will appear on MTV’s RapFix Live tomorrow (March 19th) at 4 p.m.ET.

Check out this part of 50 Cent’s interview below: