50 Cent Says SMS Audio Investment Scared Interscope Due To Beats By Dre Ties


(AllHipHop News) 50 Cent recently spoke with Hot 103 Jams in Kansas City, and the newly independent artist addressed his decision to break times with his longtime label home Interscope Records.

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50 spoke about how he believes his connection to SMS Audio created a wedge with Interscope. According to the New York rapper, the label had become so closely tied to Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine’s Beats By Dre audio brand that it became difficult to move forward.

“The whole building was leaning in a wrong direction for me. Interscope was kind of turning into ‘Beats By Dre Records’,” said 50. “Because I invested in SMS Audio and had a different priority, it was like they were afraid to do a lot of things. I’m not sure all of it was Jimmy’s intentions, but the staff was scared straight.”

He adds, “There was only one marching order for them when they actually left for us to shoot the music video for me, Em, and Adam Levine – “My Life” – was to make sure my headsets weren’t actually in the video.”

50 also discussed how he had very little creative control over the release of his music as an artist signed to a major label. He cited Interscope’s choice to release “Amusement Park” from Curtis as a single in 2007.

“When you’re having a staff meeting and people are deciding what songs should go first or how you should actually go… To give you an example, When I launched ‘Amusement Park’ that definitely wasn’t my pick,” states 50. “It was a song that reminded them of ‘Candy Shop.’ That was an easy hit for the system.”

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Listen to the interview below.