50 Cent Shares His Thoughts On Jay Z’s Drake Diss


(AllHipHop News) 50 Cent is no stranger to battles on wax, so it’s no surprise the G-Unit leader was asked about the recent verbal spat between Jay Z and Drake.

While appearing on The Russ Parr Morning Show, 50 shared his thoughts about Jay’s shot at Drake on his “We Made It” verse, if Drizzy should clap back at Hov, and how the situation will play out with each rapper’s respective partners.

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When asked “who won?” 50 replied:

I think it’s just getting started. We didn’t actually hear any verses or raps from Drake. But you know what, it’s interesting I think you’re supposed to rap about things that are in your actual life. But those are laws that were a part of our culture when I actually came in, when I fell in love with it, but it’s old school. The kids don’t actually care, because they’ve accepted things in front of me that I know that they know wasn’t right. He was just saying, “f**k with me you know I got it.” So… did he have dope? What has he got? The Picasso?

When asked if he was encouraging Drake to respond, 50 said:

I think I would respond to it. I don’t know. It depends. Sometimes it has to be the right timing surrounding the response. Like if other people say things I just look at them.

50 continued:

He went to calling him Mrs. Drizzy. And then you gotta see what kind of lines would come out relationship wise. It might actually create a separation here people where there’s team RiRi and Drake on one side and Jay and Bey on the other… You with me or you with them baby? I’m gonna be in the house like this: “So you gonna be right with me and let this old man say this about me and you ain’t rolling with me girl? You got a fashion icon award. You mean tell me you scared of Bey? Why? Cause she’s drunk in love?”

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