50 Cent Speaks On Possibility Of G-Unit Reunion & Full Album With Pharrell


(AllHipHop News) The “will they or won’t they” questions surrounding the potential reuniting of G-Unit have been ongoing for years. Once again the topic came up when G-Unit founder 50 Cent addressed the possibility with thisis50.com.

The Queens native left a little wiggle room for the chance he could reconnect with Young Buck, but any hopes that he and Game will ever do more music together seems to be off the table.

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“It’ll never be five. That’ll never happen,” said 50. “I’ll never work with Game.”

When asked about Buck’s return to Hip Hop, the creator of Get Rich or Die Tryin’ states that he is not ready to front the money for any material from the Tennessee rapper, but he may be willingly to bring Buck back into the fold in the future.

“If they are not moving and waiting for you to do it, that means you actually did the work. So it’s like, ‘you can call me when you’re ready to work for me.’  If they are sustaining energy and building their own thing, we’re talking a different thing,” adds 50.

50 Cent also killed any ideas that he would do a full album with Pharrell Williams. The collaboration was first brought up in an interview with Complex where Pharrell mentioned he was open to the possible project. The publication later wrote an open letter to Jimmy Iovine asking that the two superstars get in the studio together.

“I respect Pharrell as a producer and like a lot of material from different people. But I haven’t had a project come out with one producer,” said 50. “I’m flattered that Complex would put that out publicly, but when you guys say what you would want, I don’t give a f*** what you would want.”

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