Akon: Jay Z and Beyonce's Marital Problems Will Help "Make Better Music" (VIDEO)

Akon: Jay Z and Beyonce’s Marital Problems Will Help “Make Better Music” (VIDEO)

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(AllHipHop News) Two questions: Where has Akon been? What is Akon talking about? After being stopped on the streets of Washington, D.C., Akon spoke on Beyonce and Jay Z’s marriage and how its public perception has been constructed.

Akon has four wives, so he is well versed in the mechanics of marriage. While outside of the Knight Conference Center speaking with TMZ, he explains the the public perception of Beyonce and Jay Z’s marriage:

Their relationship has been more of a business to the outside world than an actual relationship. To them, it may be relationship, but it was presented to the world…and it feels more corporate.

Rumors of a rift between Beyonce and Jay Z have circulate throughout the duration of their On The Run tour. Akon states that the pair are trying to keep their relationship out of the public eye, but when you are a peson of interest in the public, it’s almost impossible to do it without speculation.” While Akon admits that the rumors are impossible to avoid, he does explain how their alleged marital problems can help the music:

What they going through is going to make great music. It’s going to make better music. Believe it or not, because now they have more content to actually speak about. They’re not the only ones dealing with it. People are dealing with exactly the same thing, but on a smaller scale.

Check out Akon’s full interview below: