Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival Promotes With Rap Quotes

Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival Promotes With Rap Quotes

(AllHipHop News) “I’m blacker than midnight on Broadway and Myrtle”-Mos Def

On July 12th, the biggest Hip Hop festival in Brooklyn returns for the 9th annual Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival. As a venue for authentic Hip Hop, Brooklyn Bodega decided to partner with Jay Shells, the creator of the innovative Rap Quotes project.


Jay’s ingenious Rap Quotes project involved red-and-white street signs being posted in certain areas of New York City that have been spoken of in rap lyrics.

Brooklyn Bodega President Wes Jackson partnered with Shells to bring his grassroots promotion and Hip Hop savvy to Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival:

Wes and I share a love and admiration for this culture and give back to it in our own ways. When he reached out to work together on the festival I didn’t have to think twice. Put two creative minds together who are this enthusiastic about hip hop and great things happen. Be on the lookout for more collaborations with Brooklyn Bodega in the future, we have some things cooking.

Tickets for the Brooklyn Hip Hop festival events can be purchased at

Check out a few images of the collaborative promotion below:

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