Buckshot Addresses Hot 97's Ebro Darden & The Current State Of NYC Radio


(AllHipHop News) First it was Houston’s Riff Raff taking shots at Hot 97’s Ebro Darden, now it’s Brooklyn’s Buckshot calling out the program director. According to the Duck Down emcee, Ebro is the reason New York Hip Hop radio has fallen of. Buckshot expressed his thoughts on the matter while on The Combat Jack Show.

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The issues between the two started because on a previous episode of the CBJ show Ebro referenced Duck Down artists when explaining that women don’t listen to their style of rap. It’s his reasoning for why New York Hip Hop has not been as prominent or get the radio spins it once did. Buck disagrees.

“So here we got this Duncan Hines version of Hip Hop that Ebro wanna come in and introduce,” says Buckshot. “You was in L.A. The s**t didn’t get f**ked up until you got here.”

Buck goes on to directly respond to Ebro’s claim that women don’t listen to Duck Down’s music:

You wanna know the reason why chicks don’t f**k with Buckshot the way you would like it or see it, is because you stopped f**king with me. And when you stop f**king with me, automatically people start going, “you underground”. So I say guess what? If you’re gonna put me there, I’m gonna go above you, cause I’m still above you now. But what I’m gonna do is- I’m gonna be the illest underground n***a you ever seen. So no matter what ,you gotta always get back to me. Cause what’s underground? The root. So when they talk about us, we are the root of Hip Hop.

He then chastises Ebro for not standing up to the corporate owners of radio stations who demand that certain records by major artists get played repeatedly in order to secure ratings.

Buck later tells Darden to choose sides – either support the Kanye Wests and Jay Zs or support the Sean Ps and Joey Bada$$es. He even accuses Ebro of payola and calls him an “Uncle Tom.”

“Ebro is an Uncle Tom. Why? Because your uncle will always sell you out for something that you will never get,” adds Buckshot. “But we the ones that pay the price, because we’re sitting at our crib going, ‘damn, this s**t’s playing again’.”

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Listen to the full Combat Jack interview (or fast forward to the 40:00 mark to hear the conversation concerning Ebro and Hot 97) and the Ebro episodes below.