Bun B Explains Mentioning Nelson Mandela During Lil Boosie’s Press Conference


(AllHipHop News) Bun B had some listeners confused, others angered after his statements during Lil Boosie’s post-prison press conference earlier this week. The southern rap legend mentioned the late Nelson Mandela during his remarks about Boosie’s recent release from prison.

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“You’d be surprised to see how many people don’t want to see a young, black man come from prison and succeed,” stated Bun at the press conference. “When you keep it one hundred with the people, the people will wait as long as possible to stand up for you. They waited years for Mandela. They waited years for Pimp C. They waited for Pac, and they waited for Boosie.”

The Breakfast Club’s Charlamagne Tha God was prepared to give Bun the “Donkey of the Day” for his statement, but the emcee called into the radio station to discuss the controversy.

“People think that I’m comparing Boosie to Mandela which is ridiculous. There’s no comparison if we’re looking at it in that sense,” explains Bun. “What I’m doing is basically laying out how Mandela was not popular in his country at his time that he went to jail. His people stood up for him and waited for him to come to celebrate his release. That’s all I was saying.”

“I’m not saying that Boosie finna win a Nobel Prize or anything,” adds Bun. “[Boosie] is a ghetto revolutionary. I have reason to believe that if Boosie comes home and says the right things right now there’s a lot of hoods in America that may calm down a little bit.”

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Listen to Bun B’s interview with The Breakfast Club below.