Cam’ron Talks Past Falling Outs With Artists, Possible Reality Show + More (VIDEO)

Cam’ron Breakfast Club Interview: Dipset Members Kicked Out of 40/40 Club, Vado Separation Accusations +More (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) Cam’ron was begrudgingly up early on Power 105 The Breakfast Club and was opens up about all his past bad dealings with artist, Jay Z fued, origins of his infamous Pink clothing trend when he started.

Angela Yee and DJ Envy both corroborated Cam’s claim that Dipset music is not allowed in the 40/40 club with the latter revealing that Freaky Zeeky was once kicked out of the 40/40 Club. A story that Cam’ron remembers vividly even mentioning :

Eight bouncers came, he called me later that night, they kicked him out. He was there for a whole ‘nother event and eight bouncers came and surrounded him. Man, what’s kind of hate is that? Juan, I’m disappointed you man. We better than that.

In the interview, Cam’ron says he denied Def Jam’s offer for Vice President of Rocafella because it was only $500,000. This contradicts a claim Cam’ron made during an interview with MissInfo four years ago where he stated he asked Def Jam for half a million but was denied.

Cam’ron says he hasnt spoken to Ma$e for “three or four years” and says Ma$e the once close friends originally fell out because of Ma$e shortchanging him on the label deal Ma$e struck with Jermaine Dupri. Cam’ron claims the deal was for “maybe $2 or $3 million and [Ma$e] giving everybody $10,000.” After his departure, Cam’ron claims Ma$e began experiencing trouble and then left to Atlanta:

I was making sure he was good in the streets and then when I stopped messing with him it was like an open free-for-all. He was getting into fist fights in Harlem. People were threatening him. People were taking his chain. So, it wasn’t me, it was just a bunch of stuff that was going on in the streets with other people and I just think he got tired of it and broke out.

The loquacious Dipset general later revealed that his and Vado’s separation resulted from a text message exchange where Vado accused Cam’ron of slandering his name “in the streets” and never believing in him.

Check out both parts of Cam’ron’s extensive interview with Power 105 The Breakfast Club below: