Cassidy Says He Forced Rappers To Switch Styles + Talks Being Challenged By Jay Z (VIDEO)


(AllHipHop News) Cassidy’s battle with Freeway has become legendary. The two young emcees at the time faced off in a match of lyrics that is still talked about today. Cass sat down with VladTV to discuss the bout, and the Philadelphia rapper explained how he helped transform battle rap and Hip Hop in general.

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Cassidy said:

I felt like the battle I had with Freeway was like the start of this new battle wave that they got – making battles popular. Like back in the day it was before the social media sites. Before people was really catching footage of it. They was just battling in the street, in clubs going at it. So, people that was there knew about it, but it was hard for the whole world to see.

The new way of rapping like piecing up multiple syllables. Saying more bars. That’s what changed rap. I think I’m responsible for that – punching all the time. There’s definitely a lot of rappers that used to say punches like Lord Finesse, Kool G Rap, Big L. There were a bunch of other people that were punching, but not every line. I started that wave and I made people want to switch up their whole style of rap. Whether people give me credit for it or not.

Cass goes on to say he believes the Freeway battle set the stage for the public demand for battle leagues today. Despite the evolution of the sport, Cassidy shares that he is happy to see the current growth of battle rap as well.

The “I’m a Hustla” performer also reflects on Jay Z “talking crazy” prior to his battle with Free. Jay and Cassidy were in the studio with Swizz Beatz when Jay challenged Cass to take on one of the rappers from his Roc-A-Fella camp.

Cassidy said:

Swizz introduced me as like the hottest n***a in the street. Hov’s like “What? You ain’t just hear my n***as on the radio? I got the hottest n***s. What is you talking about?’”

Then he’s looking at me, [and says] “N***a, you don’t even look big enough for Beans. You don’t look old enough for Free. What you want me to put you up against Chris, my 16-year-old?” And he started talking crazy. And at the time, this [was] before I was polished in the industry. I was right from the street. So, I was a little more hot-headed. Anybody that know me from back then that knows my attitude, my personality wasn’t the same.

I was getting a little aggravated. Swizz seen it. So, I’m like, “N***a, I don’t give a f**k who you call. You can call all them n***as. I’ll crush any of them n***as. I don’t give a f**k who you call.”

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Watch Cassidy’s interview below.