Cassidy to Record Faith Based EP, Planning to Release Biography


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(AllHipHop News) Philadelphia rapper Cassidy recently revealed in an interview with the Christian Post that he would be releasing a “faith-based” EP for charity.

The EP will be released in conjunction with Pastor Jomo K. Johnson of the Philly Open Air Church.

Interestingly, Pastor Jomo K. Johnson is the same Pastor that dissed Meek Mill, alleged that Meek’s song “Amen” was blasphemous and called for a boycott of his music.

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Throughout the interview, Cassidy took time to explain how he came to develop a better relationship with God, after a horrific car accident and being released from jail in 2006.

“The record deals that I was tied into and the things I was connected with through my whole career, it wasn’t really possible for me to come out with records about the Lord all the time. Or, I wouldn’t have been able to benefit financially with the things that I was tied into,” Cassidy explained in the interview with the Christian Post. “This will be an opportunity for me to make a whole EP passing off a positive message talking about my relationship with God, letting people be able to understand no matter what business you’re in or what you’re dealing with in life you can definitely have a strong relationship with God. So that’s the reason why I thought it would be a beautiful idea to do an EP with the Pastor.”

In addition to the EP, Pastor Johnson also has a publishing company called GGIS (God’s Grace is Sufficient), that’s working on Cassidy’s biography, which could be completed by the end of next month.

Cassidy also seems to have developed a new view for his music, as he explained that some of his lyrics about guns, drugs, cars and the flashy life is purely entertainment.

“If Denzel does a movie, killing people or cursing, talking crazy…that might not be necessarily how he is in real life. It’s just a movie, entertainment. He’s just playing a certain role. It’s not like I’m acting like Denzel is, but it’s entertainment,” Cassidy said. “So a lot of the music that I make is based around that. But the records I make around the lord is how I really feel in my real life, my everyday life when I’m with my kids, when I’m with my wife, when I’m in church. That’s the real me.”