Chris Brown Being Sued Over Fight With Frank Ocean

Frank Ocean’s Cousin Files A Lawsuit Against Chris Brown Over Parking Lot Fight

(AllHipHop News) It has been a pretty difficult week for R&B singer Chris Brown. The “Love More” performer suffered a non-epileptic seizure last Friday, and now Billboard reports he being sued for assault and battery.

The lawsuit was filed by a man named Sha’keir Duarte who claims he was attacked by a member of Brown’s entourage during a scuffle at the Westlake Recording Studios back in January.

The fight allegedly began when Brown and fellow singer Frank Ocean got into an argument over a parking spot. According to TMZ, Duarte is Ocean’s cousin.

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Duarte says that he was punched and kicked by Brown’s bodyguard “Hood,” and that Brown instigated the assault by telling the bodyguard to attack him. He is now asking for an unspecified amount in damages for his injuries, humiliation, and mental anguish.

“This is what gives lawyers and lawsuits a bad name is garbage like this,” said Brown’s attorney Mark Geragos.