Chuck D Explains Why He Called Hot 97's Summer Jam A "Sloppy Fiasco"


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(AllHipHop News) The ever outspoken Hip Hop representative Chuck D became a target of Hot 97’s morning show hosts when the Public Enemy member tweeted the station has made a “sloppy fiasco” of Hip Hop.

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The social media post led to a response tweet from Hot’s Ebro Darden. It also sparked Peter Rosenberg’s “The Realness” segment accusing Chuck of trolling on Twitter and not actively helping the culture. Rosenberg has since apologized for his comments, but Chuck D visited the Combat Jack Show to discuss why he took aim at Hot 97 to begin with.

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“This was something that was simmering a long time ago. When we first did the Hot 97 Summer Jam 2009 or whatever, and the host of the show came out and said, ‘These are the [n-words] that brought on the revolution. Give it up for these [n-words],'” said Chuck.

Chuck goes on to explain that he took issue with the fact the large crowd made up of a mostly non-black audience was using the n-word so freely.

“You’re looking at 50,000 people. Largely not black – white or whatever. They’re out there and the n-word is being spit. You can see and understand the artist in their music. If they ain’t got no better presentation to bring it across – and that’s all they know because they ain’t taught by nobody – but when the host starts doing that, it’s a problem. So this is five years later, and it’s just got worse,” continued Chuck. “And when you see the artist and the host, and it’s 50,000 people, 60% white people, and they’re also yelling the n-word, quite frankly it’s going to be one of those things that I’m going to say was sloppy.”

The New York legend adds that he did not “go in” on Hot 97 like he could have, and the situation is indefensible and undebatable in his eyes.

“I don’t know what sparked them off. I didn’t say it was wack… You don’t want to hear me going in. I just said, ‘sloppy fiasco,'” stated Chuck. “I don’t know if it was the ‘sloppy.’ Now that we’re living in these metro times, you call somebody sloppy their vertebrae starts collapsing. Or was it ‘fiasco.’ Maybe they thought I was talking about Lupe Fiasco. No, I’m talking about you. It’s sloppy, and these dudes tried to defend it.”

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Listen to Chuck D’s full interview below.

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