Concert Promoter “DUPED” As R. Kelly Impersonator Performs


(AllHipHop News) Your flier might have been telling you yes, but your eyes were definitely telling you no if you were in attendance at Ced’s All Black Attire Party this past Saturday (October 26th) In promotion of R. Kelly’s new album Black Panties, R. Kelly was billed to perform at the event, however an impostor instead took his place.

The event, in Monroe, CA was organized by concert promoter Cedric Johnson and had tickets sold through Ticketmaster and LiveNation. One concert goer states the performance did not occur until around 1 a.m. , three hours after the 10 P.M. start time. The anonymous woman also accuses the singer of not only singing for a short period of time but also for not truly singing at all:

It was an impersonator on stage impersonating R. Kelly. That may have sung every bit of four minutes, not even a complete five. He did not even sing, he lip sung.

The woman and many others are The performer was identified at a restaurant after the performance and spectators were instructed by the man’s security to not take any photographs of him.

There is no official word on if R. Kelly was involved in the con, however, KNOE 8 News received a text from Johnson saying he was “duped.” The official Facebook page of event says it will issue an official statement on what transpired. However, on that Facebook page shows the October 26th performance being promoted since September 11th.

The text message from Johnson also stated that the fans will be refunded, however, Johnson later refuted that he, personally sent that message from his phone.